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Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need. It is connected closely to environmental management, production management, logistics and other established business functions. The VDI-Guideline 4602 released a definition which includes the economic dimension: “Energy management is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet the requirements, taking into account environmental and economic objectives”.

Park energy-network energy optimizing management system based on microgrids and implementing method thereof

The invention relates to a park energy-network energy optimizing management system based on microgrids and an implementing method of the system. The energy optimizing management system is implemented by park energy scheduling and microgrid energy management. The micro power grid management system is in a three-layered structure including a microgrid energy scheduling layer, a microgrid centralized control layer and a microgrid, stored energy and load local control layer. Constraint conditions of the energy optimizing management method are guaranteed by the microgrid centralized control layer. The output of each microgrid or stored energy is determined by a microgrid and stored energy coordination control policy in a microgrid central controller; and an objective function includes three objective function subsets at different grades. Through computing the objective function values at various states by a multi-objective optimizing algorithm based on weight, the defect of randomness and intermittence of the distributed power source is overcome, the complementary problem among multiple microgrids and multiple micro power sources in the microgrid in the park energy network is solved, and optimized utilization of clean energy and maximization of system energy efficiency can be achieved.

An industrial Internet of Things system based on edge computing and a data processing method thereof

The invention discloses an industrial Internet of Things system based on edge computing, and the system comprises a data collection module, an edge gateway, and a cloud processing platform; the data collection module is used for collecting the original data of a field device; The edge gateway is used for converting the original data into standard data, carrying out real-time analysis on key data in the original data, carrying out real-time intelligent processing on the field equipment according to an analysis result, carrying out classified packaging on the standard data, carrying out protocolconversion on the standard data, and sending the standard data to the cloud processing platform; And the cloud processing platform is used for carrying out data analysis, system monitoring and energymanagement according to the data from the edge gateway, and sending a data analysis result to a corresponding Internet of Things application. Through the edge gateway, the data transmission cost canbe effectively reduced, and the real-time decision and response of the key service can be ensured; By utilizing the powerful management capability of the cloud platform, mass data access is supported,a safe and reliable message processing capability is provided, and enterprises are assisted to integrate value chains and quickly construct innovative Internet of Things services.

Intelligent building energy management system

The invention relates to an intelligent building energy management system. The intelligent building energy management system comprises a system configuration unit for setting an energy consumption management object and manager information, an energy consumption data acquisition unit for acquiring the energy consumption management object, an energy auditing management unit for auditing the energy consumption management object, an equipment energy consumption management unit for monitoring and managing in real time by taking equipment as a unit, a region energy consumption management unit for detecting and managing in real time by taking a region as a unit, an energy forecast management unit for counting and analyzing energy consumption data, an energy consumption alarm and demand control unit for controlling a demand according to a unit load group, a load and contract capacitance information, an energy evaluation unit for optimizing energy scheduling and balance, saving energy and improving reactive power consumption, an energy plan unit for making a rational energy use plan according to the current energy use situation, and an energy management database. By the intelligent building energy management system, the energy real-time balance management and monitoring management of building groups can be realized effectively.

intelligent manufacturing MES system

InactiveCN110580026AIntelligent manufacturing whole process monitoringRealize the whole process monitoringEnergy industryTechnology managementMaterials preparationLogistics management
The invention discloses an intelligent manufacturing MES system which comprises a basic modeling module, a plan scheduling module, a comprehensive production module, a logistics management module, a quality management module, an energy management module, an equipment management module, a central control center management module and an abnormal Andon module. The basic modeling module is used for completing establishment of factory layout, establishment of product information and establishment of external resources. The plan scheduling module is used for establishing a production order, carryingout material preparation and distribution for a warehouse, work order scheduling, production execution, inspection, packaging and production warehousing. The comprehensive production module is used for managing a generated full-service process. The logistics management module is used for managing a production material taking management process and a production warehouse-in management process; andthe quality management module is used for carrying out inspection object maintenance on a purchasing department, a workshop department and a sales department. The invention provides a perfect intelligent manufacturing MES system, thereby realizing intelligent manufacturing full-process monitoring.
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