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Energy supply is the delivery of fuels or transformed fuels to point of consumption. It potentially encompasses the extraction, transmission, generation, distribution and storage of fuels. It is also sometimes called energy flow.

Device for supplying an electro-pen with electrical energy

The invention relates to a device for supplying electrical energy to an electro-pen with an electric drive unit for driving a tool. The device comprises a console with an energy supply unit having an accumulator for supplying the electrical drive unit with electrical energy. The console may be configure to be sterilized by steam having a housing and electrical components that are sealed liquid-tight. The accumulator may include a sterile covering for sterile introduction into the console. A coupling between the console and the electro-pen carries the supply of electrical energy from the console to the electro-pen. The coupling may be an electrical contact in the form of a sterilizable connector or an inductive coupling. The console may be configured to store energy and is thus mobile, or the console may include a connection for connecting to a mains or external power supply for charging the accumulator. The console may include a switch-mode power supply for charging the accumulator. The console may include a holder for receiving and charging the electro-pen. The electro-pen includes an electrical storage device and a coupling for receiving the electrical energy supply from the accumulator. The holder may include an electrical coupling between the console and the electro-pen in which at least two electrical contacts and at least one transformer are disposed about each the holder and the electro-pen. Alternatively, the holder may include an inductive coupling in which at least one transformer having at least one coil is disposed about each the holder and the electro-pen.

Energy advisory and transaction management services for self-serving retail electricity providers

Methods for assisting and enabling a large industrial or business consumer of energy to become a self-serving retail electricity provider in a deregulated energy market. Performed by an energy advisory and transaction management service provider, one method registers the large business energy consumer with the state public utility commission, assists the business to qualify as a scheduling entity with an independent service operator, and establishes the business as a bilateral trading partner of wholesale energy merchants. In another method, the business processing outsourcing service assists the business in energy purchasing and risk management decisions by forecasting zonal load requirements for the business. A price forecasting analysis is compared with supply offers from wholesale energy merchants and bilateral transactions for energy supply are brokered between the business and the wholesale energy merchants. In another method, the business process outsourcing service assists the business to manage electronic transactions with an independent service operator and a transmission and distribution service provider. A daily load forecast for the business is updated and compared with energy purchase commitments to identify imbalances between supply and demand. The outsourcing service submits a daily schedule of forecasted sub-hourly load and purchase and sale commitments to the independent system operator. The outsourcing service receives and processes invoices from market participants and generates financial settlement reports for the business.

Combined anaerobic fermentation process for organic solid wastes

The invention discloses a combined anaerobic fermentation method of organic solid wastes. The organic solid wastes used for the combined anaerobic fermentation include domestic wastes, excess sludge, feces, kitchen waste, straws, etc. The method comprises the following steps: carrying out different pre-processing processes to obtain organic materials with a granularity less than 5 mm; passing through a cutting pump, adjusting the C/N ratio, adjusting the water content, etc. to obtain a homogeneous fermentation substrate with a solid holdup of 2 to 10%; hydrolyzing and acidifying the fermentation substrate in the presence of a hydrolase; fermenting for a period of 15 to 25 days under the condition of stirring at a middle temperature of 32-38 DEG C to obtain biogas, which can be used for energy supply or output of a system; aging and desalting the biogas liquid to obtain a liquid humic acid fertilizer; and processing the biogas residues to a granular humic acid fertilizer. The fermentation substrate has proper C/N ratio to obviate feedback suppression of the substrate during the fermentation of a single material and simultaneously can enhance the hydrolysis effects of celluloses, lignin, hemicelluloses, etc. The method has the advantages of easy flow pattern control, low energy consumption, and no generation of sewages, and can obtain the high-quality biogas fluid and the high-quality granular humic acid fertilizer.
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