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Modular energy control system

ActiveUS20070271006A1Minimal configurationReadily scalable costMechanical power/torque controlEnergy efficient ICTElectricityEnergy control
A wireless base unit communicates with one or more wireless load manager units to receive power measurements for one or more loads connected to the wireless load manager. In response to dynamic variables, such as the changing price of electricity, the wireless base unit transmits commands to the wireless load manager to shut off or reduce power consumed by the one or more loads. In one variation, a wireless adapter also receives commands from the wireless base unit and converts the commands into a vendor-specific format used to control other devices such as a photovoltaic (PV) inverter.

Smart current attenuator for energy conservation in appliances

An appliance network having a first networked appliance, an energy controller, at least one of a smart dimmer and smart adapter, and a communication network coupling the first networked appliance, energy controller, and the at least one of the smart dimmer and smart adapter for communication therebetween.

Ionization device for aerosol mass spectrometer and method of ionization

The ionization device of the present invention is intended for use in conjunction with an aerosol TOF MS operating in a continuous mode and is capable of ionizing particulated substances in a wide range of particle masses. In the illustrated embodiment, the ionization unit consists of three coaxial cylindrical bodies having a three aligned longitudinal slits for directing electron beams from externally located electron gun onto the axially arranged flow of droplets. The cylindrical bodies are connected to voltage sources so that the external cylindrical body functions as an anode that extracts electrons from the current-heated filament. The central cylindrical body, in combination with the aforementioned anode, serves as an electron-energy control member for precisely controlling and selecting the energy of electrons that reach the flow of particles, while the inner cylindrical body functions as a decelerating member that can be used for adjusting energy of electrons which reached the flow of particles. The heated filament of each electron gun, which is used as a source of electrons, is inclined with respect to the aforementioned longitudinal axis whereby modulation applied to the elongated outer electrode of the electron gun provides different ionization conditions for specific particles of predetermined masses for analysis of which the aerosol TOF MS is tuned.
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