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Resonance describes the phenomena of amplification that occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force is in harmonic proportion to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts. When an oscillating force is applied at the resonant frequency of another system, the system will oscillate at a higher amplitude than when the same force is applied at other, non-resonant frequencies.

Method and system for knowledge guided hyperintensity detection and volumetric measurement

An automated method and/or system for identifying suspected lesions in a brain is provided. A processor (a) provides a magnetic resonance image (MRI) of a patient's head, including a plurality of slices of the patient's head, which MRI comprises a multispectral data set that can be displayed as an image of varying pixel intensities. The processor (b) identifies a brain area within each slice to provide a plurality of masked images of intracranial tissue. The processor (c) applies a segmentation technique to at least one of the masked images to classify the varying pixel intensities into separate groupings, which potentially correspond to different tissue types. The processor (d) refines the initial segmentation into the separate groupings of at least the first masked image obtained from step (c) using one or more knowledge rules that combine pixel intensities with spatial relationships of anatomical structures to locate one or more anatomical regions of the brain. The processor (e) identifies, if present, the one or more anatomical regions of the brain located in step (d) in other masked images obtained from step (c). The processor (f) further refines the resulting knowledge rule-refined images from steps (d) and (e) to locate suspected lesions in the brain.
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