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Magnetic nerve stimulator for exciting peripheral nerves

InactiveUS6086525AHigh efficiency and rateEfficient stimulationElectrotherapySurgeryDeep levelIncreased metabolic rate
A magnetic nerve stimulator system is comprised of a core constructed from a material having a high field saturation with a coil winding. A thyrister capacitive discharge circuit pulses the device. A rapidly changing magnetic field is guided by the core, preferably vanadium permendur. For task specific excitation of various nerve groups, specially constructed cores allow for excitation of nerves at deeper levels with higher efficiency than is possible with air-core stimulators. Among the applications possible with this invention are treatment of incontinence, rehabilitation of large muscle groups in the leg and arm, and excitation of abdominal wall muscle groups to aid in weight loss and metabolic rate increase. A C-shape is employed for focussing the stimulation as desired.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

A semiconductor device for high power application in which a novel semiconductor material having high mass productivity is provided. An oxide semiconductor film is formed, and then, first heat treatment is performed on the exposed oxide semiconductor film in order to reduce impurities such as moisture or hydrogen in the oxide semiconductor film. Next, in order to further reduce impurities such as moisture or hydrogen in the oxide semiconductor film, oxygen is added to the oxide semiconductor film by an ion implantation method, an ion doping method, or the like, and after that, second heat treatment is performed on the exposed oxide semiconductor film.

Microscopic batteries for MEMS systems

InactiveUS20030152815A1Low capacityEffectively manufactureBatteries circuit arrangementsFinal product manufactureIntegrated circuitEngineering
Microscopic batteries, integratable or integrated with and integrated circuit, including a MEMS microcircuit, and methods of microfabrication of such microscopic batteries are disclosed.

Method for indicating idle state of channel or reserving resources, system, terminal and base station

The invention provides a method and a system for indicating an idle state of a channel or reserving resources, a method and a system for indicating an idle state of an uplink channel or reserving the resources, an LTE (Long Term Evolution) terminal, an LTE base station and an LTE system. The method for indicating the idle state of the channel comprises the following steps of setting a channel monitoring sub-frame used for detecting the state of the channel in a frame structure in a time division or frequency division duplex mode; if the channel monitoring sub-frame internally detects that the channel is in the idle state, sending an indication, representing that the channel is in the idle state, to the terminal through a channel idle state signaling or a resource reservation signaling, and sending an indication, representing that the channel is occupied by the base station, to communication equipment requesting to occupy a non-authorized frequency band. According to the technical scheme, the understandings of the idle state of the channel and the reservation state of the resources by the terminal and the base station working in the non-authorized frequency band are consistent, and data based on the same core network can be seamlessly switched and transmitted in an authorized frequency band and the non-authorized frequency band.

Microcavity oled device

A microcavity OLED device including a substrate; a metallic bottom-electrode layer disposed over the substrate; a metallic top-electrode layer spaced from the metallic bottom-electrode layer; and an organic EL medium structure having a defined thickness, and including a light-emitting layer comprising a host material and at least one dopant disposed between the top-electrode layer and the bottom-electrode layer; wherein one of the metallic electrode layers is light transmissive and the other one is essentially opaque and reflective; wherein the material for reflective metallic electrode layer includes Ag, Au, Al, or alloys thereof, and the material for the light transmissive metallic electrode layer includes Ag, Au, or alloys thereof. The at least one dopant is selected to generate one of red, green, or blue light in the light-emitting layer. The defined thickness of the EL medium structure is selected so that the microcavity OLED device is tuned for emission of one of red, green, or blue light through the light transmissive electrode layer.

Power control system and method of excavator

The invention discloses a power control system of an excavator. The power control system is characterized by comprising a pressure sensor, a main pump displacement regulator, a revolution speed sensor and a loading calculation module, wherein the pressure sensor and the main pump displacement regulator are arranged on the outlet of a main pump, the revolution speed sensor is arranged on an engine, and the loading calculation module is arranged in the main controller; the pressure sensor, the revolution speed sensor and the main pump displacement regulator are respectively connected with the main controller and output engine revolution speed, throttle position and main pump displacement after being calculated by the loading calculation module to respectively control an actuating mechanism. The method is as follows: low load is a positive flow control mode; high load: a. when engine revolution speed is more than or equal to no-load speed* (1-7%), controlling by a constant power mode; and b. when the engine revolution speed is less than no-load speed* (1-7%), controlling by a limiting power mode. The invention controls by constant power comprehensive limiting power, gives consideration to the power output of a dynamic system on the premise of ensuring excavating force, dynamically adjusts the matching between the practical power of a hydraulic system and requirements, lowers power loss and reduces oil loss.
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