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Moisture is the presence of a liquid, especially water, often in trace amounts. Small amounts of water may be found, for example, in the air (humidity), in foods, and in various commercial products. Moisture also refers to the amount of water vapour present in the air.

Moisture-detecting shaft for use with an electro-mechanical surgical device

A flexible shaft includes a flexible, elongated outer sheath, at least one drive shaft disposed within the outer sheath and a moisture sensor disposed within the outer sheath configured to detect moisture within the outer sheath. Another flexible shaft includes a flexible, elongated outer sheath, at least one flexible drive shaft disposed within the outer sheath and a coupling connected to a distal end of the outer sheath configured to couple to a surgical attachment.
A sleeve includes an elongated shaft configured to receive a flexible shaft therein and a securing arrangement configured to selectively and variably retain the elongated shaft in any one of a number of longitudinal positions along the flexible shaft.
A surgical system includes an electro-mechanical driver, an elongated, flexible sheath, at least one drive shaft disposed within the flexible sheath, a surgical attachment coupled to the at least one drive shaft, the electro-mechanical driver configured to drive the surgical attachment, a shape-retaining sleeve, at least a portion of the flexible sleeve being disposed in the shape-retaining sleeve, the shape-retaining sleeve configured to maintain the at least portion of the flexible sheath in a predetermined shape, and an arrangement variably securing the shape-retaining member to the flexible sheath in any one of a number of longitudinal positions along the flexible sheath.

Capillary immunoassay and device therefor comprising mobilizable particulate labelled reagents

An analytical test device useful for example in pregnancy testing, comprises a hollow casing (500) constructed of moisture-impervious solid material, such as plastics materials, containing a dry porous carrier (510) which communicates indirectly with the exterior of the casing via a bibulous sample receiving member (506) which protrudes from the casing such that a liquid test sample can be applied to the receiving member and permeate therefrom to the porous carrier, the carrier containing in a first zone a labelled specific binding reagent is freely mobile within the porous carrier when in the moist state, and in a second zone spatially distinct from the first zone unlabelled specific binding reagent for the same analyte which unlabelled reagent is permanently immobilized on the carrier material and is therefore not mobile in the moist state, the two zones being arranged such that liquid sample applied to the porous carrier can permeate via the first zone into the second zone, and the device incorporating means, such as an aperture (508) in the casing, enabling the extent (if any) to which the labelled reagent becomes bound in the second zone to be observed. Preferably the device includes a removable cap for the protruding bibulous member.

Particulate acellular tissue matrix

A method of processing an acellular tissue matrix to give a particulate acellular tissue matrix includes: cutting sheets of dry acellular tissue matrix into strips; cryofracturing the dry acellular tissue matrix strips at cryogenic temperatures; separating the resulting particles by size at cryogenic temperatures; and freeze drying the fraction of particles desired size to remove any moisture that may have been absorbed to give a dry particulate acellular tissue matrix. Rehydration of the dry particulate acellular tissue matrix may take place just prior to use. The particulate acellular tissue may be applied to a recipient site, by way of injection, spraying, layering, packing, in-casing or combinations thereof. The particulate acellular tissue may further include growth and stimulating agents selected from epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, nerve growth factor, keratinocyte growth factor, platelet derived growth factor, vasoactive intestinal peptide, stem cell factor, bone morphogetic proteins, chondrocyte growth factor and combinations thereof. Other pharmaceutically active compounds may be combined with the rehydrated particulate material including: analgesic drugs; hemostatic drugs; antibiotic drugs; local anesthetics and the like to enhance the acceptance of the implanted particulate material. The particulate material product may also be combined with stem cells selected from mesenchymal stem cells, epidermal stem cells, cartilage stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells and combinations thereof.
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