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Myers-Briggs sensing, a cognitive function (measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment) that focuses on the tangible and concrete over the abstract and theoretical Remote sensing a technique used is several scientific fields Sensing Systems, a software company Sensor operation, that is, the detection...

Cellular phone with special sensor functions

Specific ambient and user behaviour sensing systems and methods are presented to improve friendliness and usability of electronic handheld devices, in particular cellular phones, PDAs, multimedia players and similar.
The improvements and special functions include following components:
    • a. The keypad is locked/unlocked (disabled/enabled) and/or the display activated based on the device inclination relative to its longitudinal and/or lateral axes.
    • b. The keypad is locked if objects are detected above the display (for example the boundary of a bag or pursue).
    • c. The keypad is locked/unlocked (disabled/enabled) and/or the display activated based on electric field displacement or bio-field sensing systems recognizing the user hand in any position behind the handheld device.
    • d. The electric response signal generated by an electric field through the user hand in contact with a receiver plate is used to identify the user and in negative case lock the device.
    • e. Connection with incoming calls is automatically opened as soon as a hand is detected behind the device and the device is put close to the ear (proximity sensor).
    • f. The profile (ring-tone mode, volume and silent mode) can be changed just putting the device in a specific verse (upside up or upside down).
    • g. Has a lateral curved touchpad with tactile markings over more surfaces to control a mouse pointer/cursor or selection with the thumb finger.

Unique sensing system and method for reading playing cards

A sensing system for determining the rank and suit of playing cards is disclosed. The system includes a sensing module capable of reading a line of data from a printed image, a position sensor and a hardware component that combines the signals from the sensing module and position sensor, converts the signal to binary values and compares the converted signal to stored signals. The comparisons are correlated to identify card rank and Suit. The system can be used in a playing card delivery shoe used to control the game of baccarat. The shoe may be a customary dealing shoe equipped with a sensing module, or may be a mechanized shoe. The mechanized shoe may comprise a) an area for receiving a first set of playing cards useful in the play of the casino table card game of baccarat; b) first card mover that moves playing cards from the first set to a playing card staging area wherein at least one playing card is staged in an order by which playing cards are removed from the first set of and moved to the playing card staging area; c) second playing card mover that moves playing cards from the playing card staging area to a delivery area wherein playing cards removed from the staging area to the delivery shoe are moved in the same order by which playing cards were removed from the first set of playing cards and moved to the playing card staging area; and d) playing card reading sensors that read at least one playing card value of each playing card separately after each playing card has been removed from the area for receiving the first set of playing cards and before removal from the playing card delivery area One exemplary sensing system is a CIS line scanning system with an associated card position sensor and a FPGA hardware element.
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