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Channel equalization system and method

InactiveUS20030016770A1Increase high performance and data rate capacityLow costMultiple-port networksChannel dividing arrangementsData transmissionTTEthernet
A system and method for delivering increases speed, security, and intelligence to wireline and wireless systems. The present invention includes a new generation Fast Circuit Switch (packet/circuit) Communication processors and platform which enables a new Internet Exchange Networking Processor Architecture at the edge and core of every communication system, for next generation Web Operating System or Environment (WOE) to operate on with emphasis of a non-local processor or networking processor with remote web computing capabilities. A Unified Network Communication & Processor System or UniNet is a New generation network architecture of packet/circuit communication processors or Internet networking processor, that increases speeds over any communication channels and topologies, synchronizing, enabling, improving, controlling and securing all of the data transmission of web applications over existing wireline and wireless infrastructure while providing seamless integration to the legacy telecom & data corn backbone. The present invention is capable of operating on any topology with distributed intelligence and data switching/routing, which is located at the edge. This method not only alleviates the ever increasing data processing bottleneck which is currently done by the data communication and telecom switch and routers, but it also enables new and next generation Internet Processor architecture. The UniNet is also a flexible solution for the novel concept that the capability of a network interface should depend on the level of service assigned to a service access point, not the capacity of the total network, such as transaction services with a short burst of messages with short access delay. The present invention increases channel capacity by using a parallel or multi-channel structure in such wireless and wireline at the edge or the core of. This new architecture of the present invention uses parallel bitstreams in a flexible way and distributed switching/routing technique, is not only to avoid the potential bottlenet of centralized switches, but also to increase speed with intelligence that is seamlessly integrating into the Fiber Optic Backbone such as WDM and SONET of the MAN/WAN network with a Real-time guarantees, different types of traffic (such as Stringent synchronous, isochronous, and asynchronous data messages) with different demands, and privacy & security of multi access and integrated services environment.
Owner:B C LEOW

X-ray inspection system for detecting explosives and other contraband

InactiveUS7092485B2Rapidly and accurately discriminates among different substancesQuick checkUsing wave/particle radiation meansMaterial analysis by transmitting radiationX-rayExplosive material
A baggage scanning system and method employ combined angular and energy dispersive x-ray scanning to detect the presence of a contraband substance within an interrogation volume of a baggage item. The interrogation volume is illuminated with penetrating, polychromatic x-rays in a primary fan beam from a source such as a tungsten-anode x-ray tube. An energy-dependent absorption correction is determined from measurement of the attenuation of the fan beam at a plurality of different energies. Radiation coherently scattered by substances in the interrogation volume is detected by an energy-resolved x-ray detector operated at a plurality of scattering angles to form a plurality of scattering spectra. Each scattering spectrum is corrected for energy-dependent absorption and the corrected spectra are combined to produce a scattering pattern. The experimental scattering pattern is compared with reference patterns that uniquely characterize known contraband substances. The system and method can locate and identify a wide variety of contraband substances in an accurate, reliable manner. The system provides for automated screening, with the result that vagaries of human performance are virtually eliminated. False alarms and the need for hand inspection are reduced and detection efficacy is increased.

Apparatus and method for communicating voice and data between a customer premises and a central office

A method and apparatus are provided for communicating data across a communication link, in a manner that senses and dynamically adapts to the simultaneous transmission of voice information across the local loop. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, a method is provided for dynamically communicating data over a local loop using a modem comprising the steps of transmitting data in a full-band transmission state, sensing a band-limiting condition, and adjusting the transmission of data from the full-band transmission state to a bandlimited transmission state, in response to the sensing step. In accordance with the method, data may be transmitted by the modem across the local loop at the same time that voice information is communicated via telephone across the same local loop. A significant aspect of the present invention is the dynamic allocation of the data transmission bandwidth, whereby the invention senses a condition indicative of whether voice information is being communicated. If so, then the system shifts and / or narrows the data transmission bandwidth to allow for voice communications without interference from or with the data transmission. However, when no voice information is being communicated, the invention dynamically allocates the data transmission bandwidth to utilize at least a portion, if not all, of the frequency band otherwise used for communicating voice information.

Methods and systems for the industrial internet of things

The system generally includes a crosspoint switch in the local data collection system having multiple inputs and multiple outputs including a first input connected to the first sensor and a second input connected to the second sensor. The multiple outputs include a first output and a second output configured to be switchable between a condition in which the first output is configured to switch between delivery of the first sensor signal and the second sensor signal and a condition in which there is simultaneous delivery of the first sensor signal from the first output and the second sensor signal from the second output. Each of multiple inputs is configured to be individually assigned to any of the multiple outputs. Unassigned outputs are configured to be switched off producing a high-impedance state. The local data collection system includes multiple multiplexing units and multiple data acquisition units receiving multiple data streams from multiple machines in the industrial environment. The local data collection system includes distributed complex programmable hardware device (CPLD) chips each dedicated to a data bus for logic control of the multiple multiplexing units and the multiple data acquisition units that receive the multiple data streams from the multiple machines in the industrial environment. The local data collection system is configured to manage data collection bands.
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