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X-ray inspection system for detecting explosives and other contraband

InactiveUS7092485B2Rapidly and accurately discriminates among different substancesQuick checkUsing wave/particle radiation meansMaterial analysis by transmitting radiationX-rayExplosive material
A baggage scanning system and method employ combined angular and energy dispersive x-ray scanning to detect the presence of a contraband substance within an interrogation volume of a baggage item. The interrogation volume is illuminated with penetrating, polychromatic x-rays in a primary fan beam from a source such as a tungsten-anode x-ray tube. An energy-dependent absorption correction is determined from measurement of the attenuation of the fan beam at a plurality of different energies. Radiation coherently scattered by substances in the interrogation volume is detected by an energy-resolved x-ray detector operated at a plurality of scattering angles to form a plurality of scattering spectra. Each scattering spectrum is corrected for energy-dependent absorption and the corrected spectra are combined to produce a scattering pattern. The experimental scattering pattern is compared with reference patterns that uniquely characterize known contraband substances. The system and method can locate and identify a wide variety of contraband substances in an accurate, reliable manner. The system provides for automated screening, with the result that vagaries of human performance are virtually eliminated. False alarms and the need for hand inspection are reduced and detection efficacy is increased.

Vehicle-carried mobile container inspection apparatus

A vehicle-carried mobile container inspection apparatus characterized in that the mobile container inspection apparatus comprises a first box-shaped cabin arranged in the front portion of the chassis and provided with a workroom accommodating a scan control module, an image acquisition module and an operation / inspection module; and a second box-shaped cabin and a third box-shaped cabin both arranged on the rear portion of the rotatable platform, in which the second box-shaped cabin is arranged on the top of the third box-shaped cabin, the control unit of the radiation source is accommodated in the second box-shaped cabin, the third box-shaped cabin is arranged under the rotatable platform, the radiation source is arranged in the third box-shaped cabin, the level of the radiation source from which the X-ray beam emit is arranged below the level of the chassis, the scanning vehicle is provided with a driving means to smoothly move the scanning vehicle the rotatable platform is provided with a rotatably driving means, when inspecting a container, the rotatable platform is driven to turn 90 degrees, and the second arm turns into its vertical gesture, so that a portal-shaped frame is formed by means of the parallelogrammical bracket, the first arm and the second arm. The mobile inspection container apparatus is capable of inspecting as broad area as to reach the vehicle chassis. The apparatus comprises two vehicles, in which usually the both vehicles are used, while only one vehicle is used for fulfilling the inspection work in emergency.

Container inspection apparatus

A relocatable container inspection device, which is constituted by modularized units, is used for inspecting a container. The device comprises: a first cabin unit including a radiation source for generating a beam of penetration radiation for penetrating the container to be inspected; a second cabin unit including detectors for detecting the beam of penetration radiation penetrating through the container being inspected and producing corresponding radiographic signals, the second cabin unit and the first cabin unit being arranged oppositely in both sides of an inspection passage; a gantry unit bridging the first cabin unit and the second cabin unit to form a portal-shaped frame adapted for straddling the container being inspected; means for moving the frame relative to the container being inspected along the inspection passage, so that the detectors receive the beam of the penetration radiation generated from the radiation resource and passing through the container being inspected, thereby continuously scanning the container and producing the corresponding radiographic signals, wherein the first cabin unit, the second cabin unit and the gantry unit are all individually made as modular units so as to be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled with each other on the inspection site. In the present invention, all of the modularized units of the container inspection device can be easily assembled and disassembled in the work field, and the dimensions of each modular unit are sized to be suitable for road transports and to be facilitate for the device's movement.
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