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Statistical treatment of data also involves describing the data. The best way to do this is through the measures of central tendencies like mean, median and mode. These help the researcher explain in short how the data are concentrated.

Internet-based credit interchange system of converting purchase credit awards through credit exchange system for purchase of investment vehicle

InactiveUS6243688B1FinanceBook keepingCommon fundSmart card
An Internet-based purchase credit award interchange center is described which interfaces with a credit award exchange center for conversion of any form of merchant or purchase credit award resulting from customer purchase of goods or services to investment in a mutual fund and/or investment vehicle utilizing computer data processing methods. Preassigned purchase credit accumulations earned by a consumer are exchanged from a merchant or creditor through or combination of credit cards, co-branded credit cards, PIN cards, debit and smart cards, coupons, stamps, proof of purchase, rebates, or any form of purchase award of merchant or creditors choice for an investment in a mutual fund or other investment vehicle. A specific implementation is described wherein a credit card account having investment credit awards is issued through the Internet to a customer. While inputting information through the Internet necessary for establishing the credit card account, the customer also provides any information needed to authorize the purchase of investment vehicles on his or her behalf. Any forms that need to be signed by the customer to authorize purchase of the investment vehicles may be printed out by the customer. The customer may also select, via the Internet, particular investment vehicles out of a group of possible investment vehicles. Subsequent use of the credit card by the customer automatically results in accrual of credit award accumulations in the selected investment vehicle.

Power transmission line inspection system based on fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle

InactiveCN103163881AImprove the effectiveness of inspection workSolve the problem of difficult macro inspectionVehicle position/course/altitude controlPosition/direction controlFly controlEngineering
The invention discloses a power transmission line inspection system based on a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. The power transmission line inspection system based on the fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle comprises a ground station and a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle, wherein the ground station comprises a ground control system, an image receiving system, and a data processing system, the fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle comprises an unmanned aerial vehicle body, a remote sensing monitoring device, a real-time detection device, an image transmission system, an instruction receiving system, a power system, and a flying control system. The remote sensing monitoring device is used for collecting image information in an area of a power transmission line at a fixed time or a fixed distance or a fixed spot, the real-time detection device is used for collecting information in the area of the power transmission line in real time, and the remote sensing monitoring device and the real-time detection device are arranged on the unmanned aerial vehicle body in a front-and-back adjacent and direct-to-ground mode. The power transmission line inspection system based on the fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of conducting periodical or emergent macroscopic inspections on the power transmission line and accessory equipment of the power transmission line, so that labor intensity of manual power transmission line inspection work is greatly reduced, and power transmission line inspection efficiency is improved.

Secure disk drive comprising a secure drive key and a drive ID for implementing secure communication over a public network

A secure disk drive is disclosed comprising a disk for storing data, and an input for receiving an encrypted message from a client disk drive, the encrypted message comprising ciphertext data and a client drive ID identifying the client disk drive. The secure disk drive comprises a secure drive key and an internal drive ID. A key generator within the secure disk drive generates a client drive key based on the client drive ID and the secure drive key, and an internal drive key based on the internal drive ID and the secure drive key. The secure disk drive further comprises an authenticator for verifying the authenticity of the encrypted message and generating an enable signal, the authenticator is responsive to the encrypted message and the client drive key. The secure disk drive further comprises a data processor comprising a message input for receiving the encrypted message from the client disk drive, and a data output for outputting the ciphertext data to be written to the disk. The data processor further comprises an enable input for receiving the enable signal for enabling the data processor, and a key input for receiving the internal drive key, the internal drive key for use in generating a message authentication code. The data processor outputs reply data comprising the message authentication code. The secure disk drive outputs a reply to the client disk drive, the reply comprising the reply data and the internal drive ID.

Method and system for network management with backup status gathering

A method, system, apparatus, and computer program product are presented for management of a distributed data processing system. Resources within the distributed data processing system are dynamically discovered, and the discovered resources are adaptively monitored using the network management framework. A network or system administrator configures some mission critical endpoints with multiple network interface cards (NICs) and specifies mission critical endpoints, non-mission critical actions, etc. During status collection activities associated with network or system management activities, the categorization of an endpoint as a mission-critical or non-mission critical endpoint affects the manner in which the status collection activity is performed. Applications can request the performance of actions at endpoints without regard to the categorization of the endpoint or without regard to the categorization of the requested action, and the network management system routes the action based on whether or not the specified endpoint is a mission critical endpoint. A non-mission-critical endpoint is associated with a mission-critical endpoint based on the non-mission-critical endpoint's communication history with the mission critical endpoint. The management system may use the status of a non-mission-critical endpoint as a reflection of the status of a mission-critical endpoint.

Method and apparatus for providing reduced cost online service and adaptive targeting of advertisements

A method and apparatus for adaptively targeting advertisements to a specific client computer from a server within a distributed data processing system is provided. As a user of the client browses the World Wide Web, the material that is downloaded to the client constitutes a datastream. At some location during the routing of the datastream, either on the server or at the client, the datastream is scanned to generate a list of keywords that are present within the datastream. The datastream may be analyzed in real-time or cached and analyzed on a delayed basis. The generated list of keywords represents a summary of the content that appears to be the focus of interest of the user. The keywords are compared against a database of advertisements, and the server selects an advertisement that matches the user's area of interest in comparison to the analysis of the user's browsing history. The selected advertisement is then inserted into the datastream to be routed to the client. In consideration for viewing targeted advertisements and to entice a Web viewer to allow the monitoring of a datastream so that targeted advertisements may be placed into the datastream, a Web viewer may receive online connection service for free, for a reduced cost, at a premium level of service, or for other some other value, such as frequent viewer credits that may be exchanged for goods and services.
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