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In computing, a virtual desktop is a term used with respect to user interfaces, usually within the WIMP paradigm, to describe ways in which the virtual space of a computer's desktop environment is expanded beyond the physical limits of the screen's display area through the use of software. This compensates for a limited desktop area and can also be helpful in reducing clutter. There are two major approaches to expanding the virtual area of the screen. Switchable virtual desktops allow the user to make virtual copies of their desktop view-port and switch between them, with open windows existing on single virtual desktops. Another approach is to expand the size of a single virtual screen beyond the size of the physical viewing device. Typically, scrolling/panning a subsection of the virtual desktop into view is used to navigate an oversized virtual desktop.

Virtual desktop manager system and method

The present invention comprises a method and computer implemented system for presenting multiple virtual desktops on a display of a computer system. A “pager” window is displayed on a desktop (either real or virtual) which comprises multiple subpanes, each of which contains a scaled virtual desktop having dimensions that are proportional to, but less than the dimensions of a corresponding virtual desktop. Each scaled virtual desktop provides a representation of the corresponding full-size virtual desktop that would display one or more application windows whose content may optionally be replaced by the icon designating the application program or data file displayed therein, for sake of visual clarity. The present invention also provides a mechanism for varying the background image of virtual desktop, and thus, of each scaled virtual desktop pane, in addition to a number of enhancements to the user interface for controlling the virtual desktop environment including transparency hiding of the pager window, constant aspect ratio scaling of the pager window, mouse desktop changing with corner exclusion, display and interaction with window lists, individual pop up menus for windows, starting desktop selection, a method for moving windows between virtual desktops, a method to override virtual desktop behaviors, a method for placing child windows on the same desktop as the parent window, notification of desktop changes, tracking topmost application on other desktops, sticky monitors, and API remote control.

Multi-dimensional intelligent service point virtual desktop method and infrastructure

The invention discloses a multi-dimensional intelligent service point virtual desktop infrastructure. A transverse dimension consists of client equipment, an access point, a service switch point and a background service point so as to form a transmission path of a virtual desktop; and a longitudinal dimension consists of a company operating system, company application, user application, user data and settings so as to divide a virtual machine into a plurality of layers which are easy to manage. The entire infrastructure is managed through the access point, the service switch point and the background service point, and the centralized management of a background virtual machine / virtual application program / real machine and the delivery on demand of the virtual desktop can be realized. The background service point incorporates virtual machine management and real machine management into a uniform system, integrates the virtual machine management and the virtual application management and divides the virtual machine and the virtual application program and data on the virtual machine into a plurality of mutually independent layers. The transmission of the virtual desktop provides end-to-end network overlay by adopting a session initial protocol (SIP) and a remote transmission protocol.
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