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Cvd method and device for forming silicon-containing insulation film

A CVD apparatus (2) forms an insulating film, which is a silicon oxide film, silicon nitride film, or silicon oxynitride film. The CVD apparatus includes a process chamber (8) to accommodate a target substrate (W), a support member (20) to support the target substrate in the process chamber, a heater (12) to heat the target substrate supported by the support member, an exhaust section (39) to vacuum-exhaust the process chamber, and a supply section (40) to supply a gas into the process chamber. The supply section includes a first circuit (42) to supply a first gas of a silane family gas, a second circuit (44) to supply a second gas, which is an oxidizing gas, nitriding gas, or oxynitriding gas, and a third circuit (46) to supply a third gas of a carbon hydride gas, and can supply the first, second, and third gases together.

Substrate-supporting device

A substrate-supporting device for CVD having a substrate-supporting region includes: a substrate-supporting surface which is a continuous surface defining a reference plane on which a substrate is placed; and multiple dimples having bottom surfaces lower than the reference plane. The respective dimples are isolated from each other by a portion of the substrate-supporting surface.

Data storage method, device and system and management server

InactiveUS20100268908A1Increase load on and instabilityLow utilization ratioError detection/correctionMemory adressing/allocation/relocationInstabilityResource utilization
The present invention relates to a data storage method, device and system and a management server. The data storage method includes: constituting a data pool from all of n data storage devices; when there is data for storage, polling all the devices in the data pool to select a group of m devices, and storing the data onto each of the selected group of m devices, where m is larger than one and smaller than n. The embodiments of the invention can address the problems of an existing data storage approach that a failing node causes an increased load on and instability of another node and that each node in the existing data storage approach has a low utilization ratio and poor predictability, so as to achieve uniform loads on the devices and high reliability of the nodes despite any failing node and improve the resource utilization ratio and predictability of the nodes.

Petroleum wellhead annular space sealing device

The invention discloses a petroleum wellhead annular space sealing device. The petroleum wellhead annular sealing device is used for sealing an annular space between a wellhead sealing body and a petroleum pipe, at least one annular groove is formed in the inner wall surface of the sealing body, and the sealing body is provided with an injection hole which is communicated to a centrifugal end of the annular groove; the petroleum wellhead annular space sealing device further comprises a sealing ring, a power ring, and an injection component, wherein the sealing ring is embedded into the annular groove, the sealing ring is used for sealing the groove in the radial direction by being jointed to the wall surface of the annular groove, and is used for sealing the annular space by being jointed to the outer wall of the petroleum pipe, the power ring is installed in the annular groove and is located between the groove bottom of the annular groove and the sealing ring, and the injection component is installed in an inlet of the injection hole, and is used for injecting fluid with given pressure so as to make the power ring push the sealing ring to tightly press the petroleum pipe. In the petroleum wellhead annular space sealing device, the requirement for deformation capability of a sealing part is low, and meanwhile the sealing capability can be effectively improved.

Speech Enhancement Techniques on the Power Spectrum

ActiveUS20120265534A1Improved spectral magnitudeImproved phase processing techniqueSpeech synthesisFrequency spectrumSpeech sound
The method provides a spectral speech description to be used for synthesis of a speech utterance, where at least one spectral envelope input representation is received. In one solution the improvement is made by manipulation an extremum, i.e. a peak or a valley, in the rapidly varying component of the spectral envelope representation. The rapidly varying component of the spectral envelope representation is manipulated to sharpen and / or accentuate extrema after which it is merged back with the slowly varying component or the spectral envelope input representation to create an enhanced spectral envelope final representation. In other solutions a complex spectrum envelope final representation is created with phase information derived from one of the group delay representation of a real spectral envelope input representation corresponding to a short-time speech signal and a transformed phase component of the discrete complex frequency domain input representation corresponding to the speech utterance.
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