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Method and system for powerline networking

A method and system for powerline networking. The method and system include an adapter and a gateway connected to powerlines. The gateway is operable for configuring the adapter for powerline networking by communicating configuration signals to the adapter over the powerlines. A powerline network is defined by the configuring of the adapter to communicate with the gateway over the powerlines.

Dialysis catheter anchoring system

An anchoring system for securing a dialysis catheter to a patient comprises an anchor pad and a retainer. The anchor pad is attached to the skin of the patient by an adhesive layer on one side of the pad. The retainer is disposed upon the surface of the anchor pad opposite the adhesive layer and includes a base and a cover and a adhesive spot. A groove upon the base is arranged to receive a Y-site portion of a dialysis catheter where the lumens merge distal to the insertion site. A post also protrudes from the base to the cover at a position which will be disposed between the two distal branches of the dialysis catheter. The cover closes over the base, securing the Y-site between the groove and the post. Closing the cover also places at least a portion of the catheter in contact with the adhesive spot. This contact between the retainer, adhesive spot and catheter thereby inhibits inadvertent motion of the catheter upon the patient. A latch mechanism is disposed upon the retainer to maintain the cover in a closed position over the Y-site of the catheter on the base.

Powered cutting surface with protective guard for equine teeth

An arrangement that may be used in combination with selected tools having a tooth cutting surface for the care and maintenance such as removing a selected portion of the exposed surface of equine teeth. The selected tool in communication with a source of powered motion and mounted in and supported by a hand piece which is guided into the mouth of the horse. The cutting surface of the powered tool is partially guarded so as to protect fleshy portions of the horse's mouth from being engaged by the cutting surface. The hand piece provides for quick on and off attachment of a selected cutting surface for maintenance of a preselected portion of teeth within the same hand piece or another hand piece sized to ease access to the next selected portion of the horse's mouth. The selected hand piece arrangement may further incorporate a vacuum channel whereby the tooth dust and debris created by the powered cutting surface removing a portion of tooth is sucked out of the mouth of the horse. The motion of the tooth surface removal tool may be changed from rotary to powered reciprocating motion for a selected portion of the teeth or changed to be at a preselected angle. Attaching the powered drive to the rotary cutting surface by means of an adjustable clutch further enhances protection from injury to the inside of the mouth of the horse.

System and method for conducting mobile commerce

In a system for conducting mobile commerce, a mobile operator central server sends silent authorization messages to a smartphone including a wallet application responsive to received messages to display offers, advertisements or coupons to a user. A wallet manager application resident on a remote server for selecting offers, advertisements or coupons relevant to a particular user from multiple data sources sends the selected offers or coupons in messages over a wireless link to the wallet application. The mobile operator central server receives information from the user in response to the wallet application presenting a buy option to the user. The mobile operator central server sends an authorization message to a secure payment application resident on the smartphone to present the user with a payment interface.

Eyeglasses with wireless communication features

A microphone, transmitter, speaker, receiver, and power source, all mounted to an eyeglasses frame, for sending and receiving signals wirelessly to and from a remote cell phone or other electronic device. The microphone and the transmitter can be mounted to extension arms that can be extended, pivoted, or otherwise moved to a position for use, and then moved to a stored position when not in use. Alternatively, the microphone, transmitter, speaker, receiver, and power source, can be mounted onto a clip-on or other attachment member that mounts onto a conventional eyeglasses frame, or to a hat or other article worn on the head.

Security module system, apparatus and process

A system, method and apparatus for protecting circuit components from unauthorized access. The circuit components to be protected are disposed on a first layer of a substrate with a plurality of layers. A cover member composed of a plurality of layers is abutted to the substrate, defining an enclosure space for enclosing the circuit components to be protected. A three-dimensional resistive network sensor surrounds the protected circuit components. The sensor comprises at least one conduction path in at least one of the layers below the first layer of the substrate and at least one conduction path in at least one of the layers of the cover member and also comprises a plurality of vias transverse to and electrically connecting the conduction paths. A short or open in the sensor will be detected by a tamper detection circuit that is disposed on the first layer of a substrate.

System and method for maximum benefit routing

A system and method for routing telephone calls is based on identifying caller goals, and maximizing the benefit of routing the call to the appropriate call center. The appropriate call center is identified as the call center best equipped to respond to the needs of the caller. The cost or benefit is based on the fastest and least expensive way to answer a query posed by a caller. A probabilistic model of the caller's goals or call topics based on a response to a top-level prompt is used, along with a set of functions associating a utility or benefit with routing those call topics to destinations within the center. Maximum benefit routing allows for the separation of the caller's goals from those of the call center, thereby optimizing use of available resources.
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