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In statistics, a data point or observation is a set of one or more measurements on a single member of a statistical population. For example, in a study of the determinants of money demand with the unit of observation being the individual, a data point might be the values of income, wealth, age of individual, number of dependents. Statistical inference about the population would be conducted using a statistical sample consisting of various such data points. In addition, in statistical graphics, a "data point" may be an individual item with a statistical display; such points may relate to either a single member of a population or to a summary statistic calculated for a given subpopulation.

Trajectory tracking control method used for automatic driving robot of vehicle

InactiveCN102358287AGuarantee reliability test qualityImprove test safetyFuzzy control systemVehicle orientation
The invention discloses a trajectory tracking control method used for an automatic driving robot of a vehicle, which relates to electronic control technologies of vehicles. The desired trajectory of a vehicle is described in a data point mode to obtain the current position information of the vehicle; humanoid driving is carried out according to the current driving direction at the current vehicle position to preview a distance ahead; the position obtained by previewing is compared with the desired trajectory to determine the lateral position deviation, the angle deviation and the vehicle speed deviation of the coordinate position obtained by previewing relative to the desired trajectory; then, the vehicle direction is jointly controlled by a trajectory tracking and speed controller according to position deviation and direction deviation; and according to vehicle speed deviation, the control quantities of an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal are determined with a fuzzy control method. The trajectory tracking control method is suitable for controlling the trajectory tracking of any trajectory, various vehicle types and various working conditions, and an automatic driving robot performs the control. The trajectory tracking control method has high precision and good repeatability and has an important meaning for guaranteeing the quality of vehicle reliability experiments and improving experiment safety.

Computer-related method, system, and program product for controlling data visualization in external dimension(s)

A computer graphics display method and system for controlling data visualization in at least one external dimension is provided which allows better querying and navigation of data in external dimension space. A data visualization is displayed in a first display window. A summary window provides summary information on data for the data visualization across one or more external dimensions. First and second controllers are displayed for controlling the variation of the data visualization in respective first and second external dimensions. A user queries the data visualization in the first and second external dimensions by selecting a point in the summary window. A user navigates through the data visualization in the first and second external dimensions by defining a path in the summary window. Grid points are also displayed in the summary window to facilitate data queries and navigation based on actual data points. The first and second controllers can be first and second sliders, such as, slide buttons, dials, or any other type of input. An animation control panel, including tape-drive controls, a path control, and a speed control, controls an animation of the data visualization over a selected navigation path through external dimension space.
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