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Method and apparatus for iconifying and automatically dialing telephone numbers which appear on a Web page

A method and apparatus are provided for recognizing and accessing telephone numbers from a Web page. In the preferred embodiment of the invention, an HTML code of an accessed Web page is parsed and converted. A parsing algorithm applied to the text in the HTML document pattern-recognizes telephone numbers. Coding is added to iconify the recognized telephone numbers. The user's Internet-capable telephone displays the iconified telephone numbers. All previously-active links and graphical displays supported by the Internet-capable telephone are maintained in this display. To call a phone number, the user selects the icon, and the Internet-capable phone determines how to initiate the call. For a two-line phone, the Internet-capable telephone initiates a telephone call to the selected number. For a one-line phone, the Internet-capable telephone determines whether the line is available for a call. If the line is not currently being used, the Internet-capable telephone initiates a voice call to the selected number. However, if the user is connected to the Web, the Internet-capable telephone optionally transparently disconnects from the Internet and initiates a voice call to the selected telephone number. At the conclusion of the telephone call, the Internet-capable telephone optionally transparently re-connects to the Web.

System and method for cloud based delivery and display of content on mobile devices

An end to end system and method for cloud based delivery of content and floating display of the content on a mobile device is presented. The system and method presented are suitable to delivery of any type of mobile content but are particularly adapted for delivery and distribution of mobile advertising, coupons and other promotional material. The mobile device is arranged to receive content from a content server via the cloud and display the content in a real time, non-intrusive floating bubble over the mobile devices currently active screen layer on the devices graphical display. The floating bubbles are simulated through the acquisition of a screen shot of a currently active mobile app, overlaying a bubble over the screen shot, and then presenting the composite image in a series of frames to simulate motion of the bubble ad over the previously top layer screen. As the bubble is presented on the screen, the mobile device reacts to the user's touch such that if the user touches a floating bubble a variety of choices may be presented, including full screen display of the bubble advertisement or content, sharing the content with friends through social networking or email, or calling or contacting the advertiser. If the user touches elsewhere the mobile device reverts to the previously active app. The system is further arranged to provide that the delivered content be targeted to users through a variety of features including user selection of content they wish to receive, user location, time of day, weather, past interest history and/or a combination of those criteria.

Systems and Methods for Portable Audio Synthesis

InactiveUS20080156178A1Create efficientlyEfficiently stored and/processedGearworksMusical toysAudio synthesisDisplay device
Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing music are provided, particularly systems and methods employing a top-down process, where the user is provided with a musical composition that may be modified and interacted with and played and/or stored (for later play). The system preferably is provided in a handheld form factor, and a graphical display is provided to display status information, graphical representations of musical lanes or components which preferably vary in shape as musical parameters and the like are changed for particular instruments or musical components such as a microphone input or audio samples. An interactive auto-composition process preferably is utilized that employs musical rules and preferably a pseudo random number generator, which may also incorporate randomness introduced by timing of user input or the like, the user may then quickly begin creating desirable music in accordance with one or a variety of musical styles, with the user modifying the auto-composed (or previously created) musical composition, either for a real time performance and/or for storing and subsequent playback. In addition, an analysis process flow is described for using pre-existing music as input(s) to an algorithm to derive music rules that may be used as part of a music style in a subsequent auto-composition process. In addition, the present invention makes use of node-based music generation as part of a system and method to broadcast and receive music data files, which are then used to generate and play music. By incorporating the music generation process into a node-subscriber unit, the bandwidth-intensive systems of conventional techniques can be avoided. Consequently, the bandwidth can preferably be also used of additional features such as node-to-node and node to base music data transmission. The present invention is characterized by the broadcast of relatively small data files that contain various parameters sufficient to describe the music to the node/subscriber music generator. In addition, problems associated with audio synthesis in a portable environment are addressed in the present invention by providing systems and methods for performing audio synthesis in a manner that simplifies design requirements and/or minimizes cost, while still providing quality audio synthesis features targeted for a portable system (e.g., portable telephone). In addition, problems associated with the tradeoff between overall sound quality and memory requirements in a MIDI sound bank are addressed in the present invention by providing systems and methods for a reduced memory size footprint MIDI sound bank.
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