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Energy-saving method of cloud data center based on virtual machine migration and load perception integration

The invention relates to a system level virtualization technology and an energy-saving technology in the field of the structure of a computer system, and discloses an energy-saving method of a cloud data center based on virtual machine migration and load perception integration. The method comprises the steps: dynamically completing the migration and the reintegration of the load of a virtual machine in the cloud data center by monitoring the resource utilization rate of a physical machine and the virtual machine and the resource use condition of current each physical server under the uniform coordination and control of an optimized integration strategy management module of the load perception and an on-line migration control module of the virtual machine, and tuning off the physical servers which run without the load, so that the total use ratio of the server resource is improved, and the aim of energy saving is achieved. The energy-saving method of the cloud data center based on the virtual machine on-line migration and the load perception integration technology is effectively realized, the amount of the physical servers which are actually demanded by the cloud data center is reduced, and the green energy saving is realized.

Super capacitor energy storage type power quality compensator

The invention relates to a super capacitor energy storage type power quality compensator. A system structure comprises a compensation transformer, a series compensator, a parallel compensator, a super capacitor group, a current foldback circuit, a bidirectional DC/DC chopper circuit, a signal sampling circuit, a control circuit, a drive circuit, a human-computer interface and corresponding auxiliary circuits, which form a three-phase three-wire system topological structure. By utilizing the excellent characteristics of great power density, high charging and discharging speed and long cycle life of a super capacitor, the super capacitor energy storage type power quality compensator is matched with the DC/DC chopper circuit to form an energy storage control system which plays the roles of adjusting power and stabilizing the voltage of a direct current bus in work. The invention also has the functions of dynamic voltage recovery, active filter and reactive compensation and can ensure that a load can obtain rated sine voltage and the current of a grid is sine current with the same direction (unit power factor) with that of a voltage fundamental wave positive sequence active component, thereby comprehensively improving the quality of power. The invention has positive generalization and application value for both the public grid and users.

Multi-platform target tracking and distribution interactive simulation system

The invention relates to a multi-platform target tracking and distributed interactive simulation system in the technical field of simulation. The system comprises a target generation module, an aerial sensing platform, an emergency processing platform, a ground control center platform and an HLA distributed interactive simulation module, wherein, the target generation module generates a system tracking object at random; the aerial sensing platform comprises various detecting devices for performing fusion to the detected information and then transmitting the information to the ground control center platform; the ground control center platform integrates all the field information, evaluates the entire field situation and promptly makes an emergency decision; the emergency processing platform receives the information and the commands and realizes target tracking by using airborne equipment; and the HLA distributed interactive simulation module enables the modules to establish an HLA distributed system structure through a distributed network and realizes the multi-information network interconnection. The invention has the advantages of flexibility and extendability, can improve the tracking effect, enhance the visibility of scene demonstration and be widely applied to the fields such as public safety, disaster relief assistance and the like.

System for providing local mobile geographic information service based on GPS and mobile terminal

The invention relates to a system to provide local mobile geographic information service based on GPS and mobile terminal. The system comprises: a wireless communication network, a GPS position apparatus and mobile terminal, and an internet and path tracking server. The innovation of the invention is adding the following software functional modules in the mobile terminal: a wireless communication module, a GPS receiving module, an interface displaying module, an interest point inquiring module, a path planning module, a positioning module, a path tracking module, a GIS engine module, a database management module and a data layer made up of an interest point database, a geographic data file, a geographic data index file, a geographic data topological file and a initialization configuration file. The system achieves the advantages of simple, practical, smart in data layer design, convenient in inquiring, low in cost and easy to implement. For storing geographic space data and integrating many software functional modules in the mobile terminal, the system in the invention enable the user to enjoy localized real time geographic space position service conveniently at any moment with less dependence on the server.

Information safety attack and defense system structure of cloud platform

The invention provides an information safety attack and defense system structure of a cloud platform. The system structure comprises a network target range system, a security defending system, a comprehensive striking environment and a safety trap analysis system; the network target range system comprises a plurality of information security hole environments capable of simulating the security holes of an operating system level, an application level and a network level; the security defending system comprises a plurality of information safety protection tools which have monitoring, defending and audit capacities; the comprehensive striking system comprises a plurality of osmosis attacking tools with the comprehensive and multidirectional attacking capacity; the trap analysis system comprises diversified trap environments which can attract and trap hostile attack behaviors, and provide the analysis capacity on the attack behaviors to obtain the attacking features. The information safety attack and defense system structure provided by the invention is applicable to an information security attack and defense and verification system of the cloud platform; furthermore, by the combination of a virtualized service-oriented application technology, the problem of information security risk that the security system of the cloud platform is difficult to verify can be solved.

Environment friendly corrosion protection antistatic coating

The invention discloses environmental protection anti-corrosive antistatic coating, the environmental protection anti-corrosive antistatic coating is characterized in that the coating is composed of a first component and a second component, according to the weight parts, the first component accounts for 500 parts to 1500 parts, and the second component accounts for 150 parts to 500 parts; according to the weight percentage, the first component comprises resin accounting for 20 percent to 50 percent, conductive filler accounting for 10 percent to 40 percent and filler accounting for 15 percentto 35 percent; the surplus is the solvent; the second component is a solidifying system. The coating of the invention is the coating layer structure formed through a reaction, the coating layer structure is an interpenetrating network structure of high molecular polymer, and the interpenetrating network structure is a spatial and multidimensional structure, wherein, each crosslinking point of thestructure is a linkage of a polar group, simultaneously, each crosslinking point is dispersed between the interpenetrating network structure of high molecular polymer and applied with the nanometer filler and the anti-corrosive filler linked with the crosslinking point, to ensure that the firm system structure has high compactness and resistance to wear, and the coating has super resistance to penetration and corrosion resistance.

Data concentrator acquisition control method based on MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), data concentrator acquisition control device based on MQTT and data concentrator acquisition control system based on MQTT

The invention discloses a data concentrator acquisition control method based on MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), a data concentrator acquisition control device based on MQTT and a data concentrator acquisition control system based on MQTT. The method comprises the following steps of connecting an MQTT server; performing theme subscription according to predefined parameters; and forwarding commands by virtue of the MQTT server, thereby further realizing acquisition and remote control. The device comprises a server connection unit, a theme subscription unit and an instruction execution unit. The system comprises the MQTT server, a sensor, an actuator, a concentrator, a data acquisition client and a remote acquisition client. By virtue f the MQTT protocol and the theme subscription mechanism, various communication demands among terminals are realized, real-time acquisition and remote control of the data concentrator can be realized conveniently, and the problem of inadequate IP (Internet Protocol) address resources in common network communication is effectively solved. By virtue of an MQTT frame, the system structure complexity can be effectively reduced, the expandability, stability and real-time property of the system are enhanced, the bandwidth is saved, and the expenditure is reduced. The method, the device and the system can be widely applied to the internet of things.

Master-slave integrated mechanical arm for assisting minimally invasive surgery

The invention discloses a master-slave integrated mechanical arm for assisting minimally invasive surgery. A master operating end of the mechanical arm comprises a master hand joint I seat provided with a rotatable master hand joint I shaft; the output end of the master hand joint I shaft is connected with a master hand joint II seat; the master hand joint II seat is internally provided with a rotatable master hand joint II shaft which is fixed with a telescopic frame; an upper telescopic seat is connected with a lower telescopic seat by a linear mechanism; a slave operating end comprises a base part connected with the master operating end, a driving mechanical arm part connected with the base part and a telescopic part installed on the driving mechanical arm. A tool clamping end comprises a surgical instrument seat installed on a slide block of a slave hand telescopic part; the upper surface and the lower surface of the surgical instrument seat are respectively fixedly connected with two ends of a transmission screw and can move in a straight line along the guide rail of the slave hand telescopic seat under the traction of the transmission screw. By utilizing the device, the system structure is simplified and the system volume and the failure rate are reduced.

Transmission path detecting system for vehicle system structure vibration and noise

A vehicle system structure vibration and noise transmission path detecting system belongs to the technical field of automobile design. In the invention, a vehicle system analysis model building module builds incentive related bus, vehicle structure and acoustic cavity models and sets up a vehicle system analysis model; a vibration or noise response spectrum acquiring module acquires the vehicle structure vibration or passenger indoor structure noise response analysis; a transfer path power calculating module calculates the transfer power of all transfer paths and the total power transferred to the vehicle; a main transfer path detecting module calculates and orders the contribution of all the transfer paths, and identifies the main transfer paths; an optimized design module identifies the main influential factors for transfer of the power flow of the main transfer paths, applies an optimized design method to improve relevant bus characteristic parameters and structure types, and verifies the parameters in the vehicle system or the vibration absorbing and noise reducing effect after structure improvement. The vehicle system structure vibration and noise transmission path detecting system can improve the accuracy of transfer path identification and possibility of effective control to the transfer paths.
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