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Apparatus for drying solutions containing macromolecules

An apparatus and method for quickly drying solutions in one or more arrays of vessels includes a manifold that receives gas and a base plate that receives the one or more arrays of vessels. The manifold includes one or more hollow tubes that direct the gas into the vessels, where the gas evaporates the solutions. A variety of types of hollow tubes are disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, the gas is filtered, pressurized and/or heated. In an exemplary embodiment, the solutions are heated. The base plate is hingeably coupled to the manifold so that the base plate has an open position and a closed position. The open position permits users to place and remove the vessels that contain solutions to be dried. In the closed position, the base plate and the manifold are in sealing engagement with one another, wherein the one or more of the hollow tubes extend into the vessels. A unique hinging system is disclosed that couples one or more base plates to a base so that, when the base plate is in the open position, the base plate is substantially horizontal. When the base plate is in the closed position, it is tilted at an angle so that the vessels are tilted at the angle, providing the solutions to be dried with a greater surface area. A variety of optional vapor recovery systems are disclosed. A variety of open loop and closed loop electrical control systems are disclosed.

Device exhibiting photo-induced dichroism for adaptive anti-glare vision protection

A device (100, 140, 150) for differentially absorbing light, depending on the state of linear polarization of the light, is disclosed. This polarizing effect is induced and controllable by the level of ambient light impinging on the device. The device (100, 140) may be used as an anti-glare vision protection device which selectively absorbs specularly reflected sunlight in brightly lit environments while permitting all light to pass in dimly lit environments. The device (100) includes a carrying medium which may be a film (142) or opposed substrates (112) that are sealed. A film or the opposed substrates carry a mixture (120) of fluid material (124) and photochromic dyestuffs (122), wherein the photochromic material is activated upon the detection of ultraviolet light so as to absorb some of the light and wherein the energization of the photochromic material effects the material so as to simultaneously selectively absorb the specularly reflected sunlight. The material (124) may be any fluid that dissolves the photochromic dyestuff material (122). The fluid is preferably a liquid crystal material such as nematic or chiral nematic. Alternatively, the material (124) may be a polymer liquid crystal. The device (150) may allow for electrical control of the absorptive properties.

Alternating pole-climbing robot

The invention relates to an alternating pole-climbing robot. The alternating pole-climbing robot comprises two pole body clamping mechanisms which are arranged at the top and the bottom in parallel, a vertical lifting mechanism, a working fence box with an open upper end, and an electrical control system, wherein the vertical lifting mechanism comprises a horizontal slide plate which is movably arranged at one side of the working fence box, two parallel vertical lifting screw rods, and a lifting drive device, and the lifting drive device lifts the working fence box through the lifting screw rods; and each pole body clamping mechanism comprises a horizontal transversal screw rod vertical to the slide plate, a clamping drive device, a guide device and a lever device, the clamping drive device drives the transversal screw rod, and an electric pole is clamped or released through the lever device. The alternating pole-climbing robot disclosed by the invention is capable of intelligently simulating the hands and feet of a person to alternately climb on the electric pole, carrying personnel and tools through the working fence box, and carrying out up-and-down movement on the electric pole; the alternating pole-climbing robot can cross obstacles, and carry out 360-degree horizontal rotation on the electric pole, thus facilitating electric power workers to carry out installation and overhaul working on an electricity transmission cable and equipment at different stations; and the alternating pole-climbing robot is safe, labour-saving, and capable of increasing the working efficiency.

IC full-automatic method for testing brede and full-automatic holding tray type machine for testing brede

The invention discloses an IC automatic detecting braiding method and an automatic pallet type detecting braiding machine, comprising a pallet-transport device, a braiding packing device, a waste materials collecting device. A PC control system and an electrical control system as well as a pallet-separate device are arranged on the front end of the pallet transport device and an empty pallet-collect device is arranged on the back end. The braiding lead direction of the braiding packing device is vertical to the pallet-transport direction of the pallet-transport device. A face side scan device and a back side device for detecting IC as well as a catch-and-put device for catching IC from the pallet are orderly arranged in the transportation range of the pallet-transport device. The catch-and-put device is electrically connected with the PC control system and the electrical control system and is a classification catch-and-put device which can classify the ICs according to the detecting results of the face side scan device and the back side device and then send the eligible ICs to the braiding packing device and the unqualified ICs to the waste materials collecting device. The braiding machine has the advantages of good accuracy and reliability for scanning and detecting, rapid speed for braiding and packing, low composite cost and high production efficiency.
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