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System to control daylight and artificial illumination and sun glare in a space

An illumination maintenance system for maintaining a desired illumination profile in a space throughout at least a portion of a day where the illumination sources include daylight and artificial light, the system comprising a first sensor for sensing an illumination level in at least a portion of the space, at least one window treatment for at least one opening for allowing daylight into the space, the window treatment selectively altering the amount of daylight entering the space, a plurality of electric lamps providing artificial light to supplement the daylight illumination of the space; the electric lamps being dimmable, a control system controlling the at least one window treatment and the plurality of electric lamps to maintain the desired illumination profile in the space, the control system controlling the plurality of electric lamps so that the dimming level of each lamp is adjusted to achieve the desired lighting profile and compensate for the daylight illumination in the space throughout at least the portion of the day; and the control system further operating to adjust the window treatment in the event of sun glare through the opening to reduce the sun glare and such that when the desired illumination profile within a defined tolerance is achieved, the control system stops varying the dimming levels of the lamps and the adjustment of the at least one window treatment.

Control system for coverings for architectural openings

A control system for a vertically moveable covering for an architectural opening includes a uni-directional drive assembly that is operated with a single pull element such that upon pulling of the pull element, the covering can be raised in increments. A clutch/brake assembly selectively prevents the covering from dropping by gravity between pulling strokes on the pulling element, but a release of the brake allows the shade to drop by gravity from its retracted position to any degree of extension. A governor is further provided to regulate the rate at which the covering drops by gravity. A cord lift system which is operated by the main drive assembly and the clutch/brake assembly includes a rotatable and axially slidable spool about which a lift cord can be wound. The lift cord has one end anchored to the spool and its opposite end extended through a supporting bracket for the spool and downwardly through the covering where the opposite end is anchored to a bottom rail such that a wrapping of the lift cord about the spool lifts the bottom rail thereby causing the covering to be raised adjacent to the lift spool. The lift cord is tangentially fed to the lift spool and forced into an angular wrap on the spool while an outer shell spaced a small distance from the spool prevents multiple wraps so that the lift cord does not become tangled. A return spring biases the spool in one direction to facilitate a controlled movement of the covering from a retracted to an extended position.

Apparatus for covering an opening in a building

A storm protector (20) to be attachable over a window (21) or other opening of a building (22) includes a header (26), a bottom sill (25) and side frames (23, 24) extending between the ends of the header (26) and the sill (25). The header (26) carries a tube (53) which has one end of a curtain assembly (27) attached thereto. The curtain assembly (27)is biased by a spring (54) to be normally coiled on the tube (53), but the curtain assembly (27) may be manually moved along the frames (23, 24) to the sill (25) to cover the window opening (21). A bar (31) is formed at the other end of the curtain assembly (27), and the bar (31) carries a guide and lock assembly (110) which rides in and can engage at least one of the side frames (23, 24) to guide and selectively hold the curtain assembly (27) at any selected position along the side frames (23, 24). A tensioning assembly (32) is positioned in the header (26) and, without disassembling the protector (20), it may be accessed to adjust the tension of the spring (54). The header (26) includes a sealing surface (50), the sill (25) includes a sealing surface (105) and each side frame (23, 24) includes a sealing surface (89). A force upon the curtain assembly (27) causes it to engage the sealing surfaces (50, 89, 105) to provide a full perimeter seal around the window opening (21).
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