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Apparatus and methods for removing vertebral bone and disc tissue

Tissue removal probes comprise an elongated member, a drive shaft rotatably disposed within the member, and a rotatably tissue removal element mounted to the distal end of the drive shaft. One tissue removal element comprises a plurality of tissue-cutting filaments affixed at proximal and distal ends of the tissue removal element. The cutting filaments may have optional hinge points that allow the distal end of the tissue removal element to be inverted, thereby transforming the tissue removal element from a tissue-cutting device to a tissue-grasping device. Another tissue removal element may have a blunted tip to prevent distal tissue trauma and an irrigation port to provide irrigation fluid to the removed tissue and / or tissue removal element. Another tissue removal element has a proximal and distal spiral grooves that are oppositely pitched, so that removed tissue can be collected in the middle of the tissue removal element. Another tissue removal element has independent counter-rotating tissue removal elements to maintain stability during a bone cutting procedure. Still another tissue removal element takes the form of a drill bit with fluted cutting grooves. Yet another tissue removal element has cascading tissue-cutting notches that can be reciprocatably moved to remove tissue within a hole.
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