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System and method for use of distributed electronic wallets

Methods and systems whereby two electronic wallets communicate and exchange information. In one such system, a consumer's personal electronic wallet communicates with the exclusive or preferred wallet of a web merchant. In one such system, an internet consumer registers with a web merchant's exclusive or preferred electronic wallet (“merchant wallet”) and provides consumer information (e.g., credit card number, mailing address, and other information) to the merchant wallet, which is stored by the merchant wallet in a database on the merchant server. Such information may be automatically populated by the consumer's personal electronic wallet. The consumer maintains current consumer information in a consumer electronic wallet on the consumer's personal computer. When the consumer visits the merchant site again, and orders goods or services, the merchant's preferred wallet can be automatically updated by the consumer's electronic wallet if any of the data in the merchant's wallet has changed. For example, the consumer wallet examines the information in the merchant wallet to determine if the information in the merchant wallet conforms to the current information in the consumer wallet. If the information does not conform, the consumer wallet communicates the current consumer information to the merchant wallet.

Inflatable sole lining for shoes and boots

There is disclosed an inflatable lining for selected inner surfaces of footwear, such as a shoe, boot or sandal. The inflatable lining is formed of first and second plastic sheets having the shape and size of the selected inner surfaces, e.g., a sole, or any portion of the upper surfaces of the footwear. The sheets are bonded together in a continuous seam about their peripheral edges thereby forming a sealed interior chamber. A plurality of discontinuous seams are formed between the first and second sheets to create within the sealed interior chamber a plurality of interconnecting tubular passageways, and at least one continuous seam can also be provided that subdivides the interior chamber into two or more subdivided interior chambers. The inflatable liner is provided with an air pump that preferably is a flexible bulb with an inlet valve which discharges into a flexible tube which extends to a pressure control valve and then to the interior chamber of the inflatable inner sole. Preferably the flexible bulb is mounted at the heel of the inner sole. The pressure relief valve is manually adjustable to control the pressure within the inflatable inner sole. Excess air from the pressure control valve can be directed into channels formed on the undersurface of the inner sole where it discharges through sealed apertures in the inner sole thereby providing forced air circulation in the footwear. Alternatively, manually operated air pumps can be provided.
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