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Wristband/label assembly business form and method

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A business form particularly adapted for use during medical emergencies includes in a first embodiment a wristband/label assembly that is readily separable from a carrier, with the wristband including a single end for looping around a victim's appendage through a cinch and a tab carrying a plurality of labels with the wristband and each label having an identifying indicia such as a bar code printed thereon. The wristband bar code thus becomes associated with the victim and the labels are used to identify items associated with the patient such as his possessions, medical charts, medicines, etc. The wristband may be color coded so that as the medical personnel triage victims they are categorized by color as to their need for medical care, with the color coding thus being readily ascertainable by others as multiple victims are processed. A second embodiment includes a pre-printed form having a tab portion with the bar code labels as in the first embodiment and also a series of tear off tabs for indicating the medical condition of the patient. Additionally, the medical condition tabs may also be bar coded so that the patient's ID and medical condition may both be “swiped” into a data base using bar code information. Once the data is collected, it is conveniently input into a computer with the computer then transmitting the information to a server for display at a web site. The server and related software is fully capable of handling input from multiple computers in real time so that victim information is made available over the internet almost immediately as the victims are processed.

Wristband/cinch with inboard label assembly business form and method

A business form particularly adapted for generalized use, although it may be used in a medical or hospital environment includes in a first embodiment a wristband that is provided with a laminate backing including a tab portion at the opposite end of a free end, with the tab portion having a cinch slot through which the free end is inserted for securing the wristband about a person's appendage. Several self adhering labels are provided inboard of the tab and may be individually separated from the wristband. The labels and the wristband may each be imprinted with identifying indicia such as bar coding. A second embodiment of the invention includes a page sized form with one or more self laminating wristbands readily separable from a carrier with each wristband comprised of a layer of face stock and a laminate, with the wristband including a printable face stock region die cut into the face stock and a strap portion, a laminating portion, and a cinch die cut into the laminate layer. The laminating portion includes two halves which fold together about a fold line to enclose the face stock, with the strap portion extending from one of said halves. The cinch comprises two slots which may both be located outboard of the face stock, or on both sides of the face stock. The free end of the strap may be adhered in place by folding over one of the slots, or by adhering a patch of adhesive carried at the tip of the free end. The face stock may be extended to the edge of the cinch slot to shield the strap from contacting adhesive. Any of the wristband constructions may be provided on a page sized sheet along with a plurality of self adhering labels, in any of a number of configurations, to suit any particular application, as desired by a user.
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