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Deployment system for an expandable device

The present invention is directed to a deployment system for an endoluminal device. The deployment system includes a confining sheath placed around a compacted endoluminal device. A deployment line is provided in the system that is an integral extension of the sheath. As the deployment line is actuated, the sheath retracts from around the compacted endoluminal device. As the sheath retracts from around the endoluminal device, material from the sheath may be converted into deployment line. Once the sheath is retracted from around the compacted endoluminal device, the endoluminal device expands in configuration and repairs vascular or cardiac structures of an implant recipient. Any remaining sheath material is removed from the implantation site along with the deployment line. The deployment system also includes an endo-prosthesis mounting member placed between the endoluminal device and an underlying catheter. The endo-prosthesis mounting member serves to cushion and retain the endoluminal device when constrained by the sheath and may assist in expansion of the endoluminal device when unconstrained by the sheath. The present invention is also directed to a deployment system having a deployment assembly that simultaneously expands an endo-prosthesis mounting member while removing a sheath from an expandable medical device.
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