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Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards

InactiveUS6588751B1Reducing eliminating numberLow costSpeech analysisCard gamesPlaying cardHandling system
The present invention provides an apparatus and method for moving playing cards from a first group of cards into a second group of cards, wherein the second group of cards is randomly arranged or shuffled. The apparatus comprises a card receiver for receiving the first group of cards, a single stack of card-receiving compartments generally adjacent to the card receiver, the stack generally vertically movable, an elevator for moving the stack, a card-moving mechanism between the card receiver and the stack for moving cards one at a time into a selected one of the compartments, another card moving mechanism for moving cards from one of the compartments to a second card receiver and a microprocessor that controls the card-moving mechanisms and the elevator. A count of cards within specified areas of the card handling system is maintained and card handling is halted and all cards counted by adding a count of all cards not within the specified areas to the total of cards counted within the specified areas.

Network session management

A communication system providing telephony communication across combined circuit switched and packet switched networks, such as a telephone network and the Internet, which are connectable to terminals, such as telephones and computers, for selective communication therebetween. The communication system includes an authorization and account control object in the packet switched network, multiple gateways between the circuit switched and packet switched networks providing controlled connectivity between those networks, and an information retrieval object in the packet switched network, wherein the authorization and account control object maintains a substantially real time record of user accounts and usage, and the information and retrieval object provides substantially real time retrieval of selected information from the authorization and account control object. The retrieval object provides on demand to terminals which provide authentication for access to an identified account information regarding that account. The information regarding the account is substantially real time information including information with respect to communications in progress, which are chargeable to the account which has been authenticated. The authorization and account control object is preferably a unitary logical object having distributed instances thereof handling multitudinous accounts of widely separated terminals. The retrieval object provides isolation of the authorization and account control object permitting simultaneous multitasking by the authorization and account control object and the retrieval object respectively.

Method of manufacturing a short-channel FET with Schottky-barrier source and drain contacts

InactiveUS6303479B1Without add parasitic capacitanceReduce manufacturingTransistorSolid-state devicesEngineeringDopant
The present invention Is a fabrication method for a short-channel Schottky-barrier field-effect transistor device. The method of the present invention includes introducing channel dopants into a semiconductor substrate such that the dopant concentration varies in the vertical direction and is generally constant in the lateral direction. A gate electrode is formed on the semiconductor substrate, and source and drain electrodes are formed on the substrate to form a Schottky or Schottky-like contact to the substrate.

Thin film photovoltaic structure

Systems and methods of production of a photovoltaic device include creating on a donor semiconductor wafer an exfoliation layer and transferring the exfoliation layer to an insulator substrate. One or more finishing processes may be performed before and / or after transferring the exfoliation layer, such as to create a plurality of photovoltaic structure layers. Production of the photovoltaic device further may include subjecting the donor semiconductor wafer to an ion implantation process to create the exfoliation layer, bonding the exfoliation layer to the insulator substrate, and separating the exfoliation layer from the donor semiconductor wafer. Transferring may include forming an anodic bond via electrolysis, such as through the application of heat, pressure and voltage to the exfoliation layer and the insulator structure.

Stent delivery system with securement and deployment accuracy

ActiveUS7473271B2Improve accuracyReduces occurrence and/or severityStentsBlood vesselsBody regionCatheter device
A method and apparatus for reducing the longitudinal aspect of the catheter to stent force comprises at least one grip member for use with a stent delivery system. The grip engages a stent in the unexpanded state prior to delivery of the stent by retracting a stent retaining sheath. The grip comprises a body region having an outer diameter, a first end and a second end. The outer diameter of the first end is greater than the outer diameter of the second end. The grip is at least partially constructed from a polymeric material.

Sequestered antagonist formulations

Disclosed is an oral dosage form comprising (i) an opioid agonist in releasable form and (ii) a sequestered opioid antagonist which is substantially not released when the dosage form is administered intact, such that the ratio of the mean Cmax of the antagonist after single dose oral administration of the dosage form after tampering to the mean Cmax of antagonist after single dose oral administration of an intact dosage form is at least 1.5:1.
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