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Amplification Relay Device of Electromagnetic Wave and a Radio Electric Power Conversion Apparatus Using the Above Device

The present invention provides an amplifying repeater, which is constructed in such a manner that a ferrite core is inserted into a coil with a pre-determined number of winds to increase an induced electromotive force caused by an increase in flux linkage using a time-varying magnetic field of electromagnetic waves at a position distant from various electromagnetic wave generating sources by a predetermined distance and the induction coil and a variable condenser for inducing resonance are connected to each other to increase current while reducing a resistant component existing in the induction coil to intensify and amplify the magnetic field of electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, the present invention provides a wireless power conversion charging device using the magnetic field of electromagnetic waves, which is located between an electromagnetic wave generating source transmitter and a receiving coil or attached to the transmitter and receiving coil. The wireless power conversion charging device includes a rectifying diode for rectifying an electromotive force induced in a construction in which a resonance and impedance matching variable condenser is connected to a coil in series or in parallel in order to transmit maximum induced power to a charging battery that is a load using electromagnetic waves amplified by the amplifying repeater, and a smoothing condenser for smoothing the rectified voltage. Accordingly, charging power required for various small power electronic devices can be provided and power can be supplied to various loads.
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