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Hydraulic device for the injection of bone cement in percutaneous vertebroplasty

The present invention relates to the medical field, in particular relates to the practice of percutaneous vertebroplasty where a pair of syringes in the distal extreme of a lengthened hydraulic device, are united by a camera of intermediate connection of larger diameter (pressure exerting body) or modified inverted syringe tube with a bolster, a hydraulic connecting tube of flexible material that transmits the pressure of the smaller diameter manual or impulsion syringe in the proximal extreme of the device toward the intermediate cylindrical larger diameter camera (pressure exerting body), this camera is in an inverted position with regard to the first syringe (fluid control), this intermediate camera has a moving piston longitudinal to the axis of the cylinder that is controlled with the first syringe (manual) and in cooperation with the atmospheric pressure. The injecting syringe loaded with bone cement is coupled with the bolster of the body of pressure, and to the needle that drives the cement toward the interior of the bone. The intermediate camera (pressure exerting body) together with the hydraulic tube and the manual syringe form a hydraulic press system (F/A=f/a) that allows to increase in a potential way the pressure exerted in the first syringe and to make the injection of polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) at an approximate distance of 1.0 m to 1.5 m.

Multi-signal transmit array with low intermodulation

A transmitter is provided for simultaneously transmitting a plurality of signals in a plurality of directive beams to corresponding destination stations, each destination station located in a separate fan within a service area. The transmitter includes a plurality of beamformers, each beamformer receiving one of the signals to be transmitted to an associated fan, each of the beamformers having a plurality of outputs for each different signal to be transmitted. A plurality of Butler matrices each receive one of the plurality of outputs from the plurality of beamformers for each different signal to be transmitted, each Butler matrix having a plurality of outputs in phased relationship to one another, wherein each of the signals to be transmitted is simultaneously provided across the outputs of each Butler matrix in a phased relationship. An antenna is provided with an aperture within which a two-dimensional array of antenna elements are disposed, wherein equal fractions of adjacent antenna elements are connected to the outputs of each Butler matrix, and wherein each of the plurality of signals are simultaneously transmitted by the entire two-dimensional array of antenna elements. Each of the plurality of beamformers receives steering control signals for steering the direction of each beam within its respective fan.

Method and apparatus for fully integrating a voltage controlled oscillator on an integrated circuit

A method and apparatus for fully integrating a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) on an integrated circuit. The VCO is implemented using a differential-mode circuit design. The differential-mode implementation of the VCO preferably comprises a differential mode LC-resonator circuit, a digital capacitor, a differential pair amplifier, and a current source. The LC-resonator circuit includes at least one tuning varactor and two high Q inductors. The tuning varactor preferably has a wide tuning capacitance range. The tuning varactor is only used to "fine-tune" the center output frequency f0 of the VCO. The center output frequency f0 is coarsely tuned by the digital capacitor. The VCO high Q inductors comprise high gain, high self-resonance, and low loss IC inductors. The IC VCO is fabricated on a high resistivity substrate material using a trench isolated guard ring. The guard ring isolates the fully integrated VCO, and each of its component parts, from RF signals that may be introduced into the IC substrate by other devices. By virtue of the improved performance characteristics provided by the digital capacitor, the analog tuning varactor, the high Q inductor, and the trench isolated guard ring techniques, the inventive VCO is fully integrated despite process variations in IC fabrication.
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