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Bridge plug with large drift diameter and setting method of bridge plug

The invention discloses a bridge plug with a large drift diameter. The bridge plug comprises an upper joint, a central tube, a guiding shoe head and a bridge plug assembly; the upper joint is an annular part and is fixedly connected with the outer side of one end of the central tube in a sleeving mode; the central tube is a metal central tube, a soluble ball base is arranged at the end, close to the upper joint, of the central tube, and the central tube is a drillable metal part; the guiding shoe head is an annular part, is fixedly connected with the outer side of the other end of the central tube in a sleeving mode and is provided with a device used for being fixedly connected with a pull rod which is arranged in the bridge plug in a sleeved mode; the middle section of the central tube is sleeved with the bridge plug assembly which is located between the upper joint and the guiding shoe head. The invention further discloses a setting method of the bridge plug with the large drift diameter. The drilling polishing procedure of the bridge plug with the large drift diameter can be omitted, the problems of a long construction period, high operation cost and high construction risk brought by drilling polishing are solved, and the bridge plug is easier and more convenient to use and faster to construct.

Five-cylinder plunger pump with integral power end structure

The invention discloses a five-cylinder plunger pump with an integral power end structure. According to the five-cylinder plunger pump, an integral welding structure is adopted for a crankshaft box body and a crosshead box body in a five-cylinder plunger pump power end assembly, so that the structural strength of the power end assembly is higher, the supporting stability is better, and the whole pump vibration can be reduced; the cylinder spacing is 13-14 inches, the bearing area of connecting rods, crossheads and bearing bushes is increased, a guarantee is provided for the output of the high-power of the five-cylinder plunger pump, the high-power five-cylinder plunger pump can effectively solve the problem that the shale gas fracturing well site area is narrow and the required fracturingequipment is relatively large, the use of equipment can be reduced, and the wellsite arrangement is facilitated; the 11-inches long-stroke design can better realize large-displacement operation requirements and improve the operation efficiency; and according to the multi-point supporting design of crankcase bodies, crosshead box bodies and the hydraulic end assembly, the supporting strength of thefive-cylinder plunger pump can be improved, the vibration is reduced, the high-load operation is better guaranteed, and the operation is more stable.

Waterproof system for basement bottom board and wall surface and construction method thereof

The invention relates to a waterproof system for a basement bottom board and a wall surface and a construction method thereof. The construction method comprises the steps of: horizontally spreading and pasting a self-adhesive rubber bituminous waterproof sheet material on a concrete base layer, and building up a brick permanent protection wall outside a preset position of a basement wall surface, wherein the bottom of the brick permanent protection wall is vertically connected with the concrete base layer, the self-adhesive rubber bituminous waterproof sheet material spreads over corners of the basement wall surface and then is upward folded to be spread and pasted on the water attaining surface of the brick permanent protection wall, then the self-adhesive rubber bituminous waterproof sheet material is lapped with another self-adhesive rubber bituminous waterproof sheet material pasted above the brick permanent protection wall, a self-adhesive rubber bituminous waterproof sheet material is pasted on an outer vertical surface of the basement wall surface. The construction method has the advantages of strong construction continuity, fast speed, good construction environment, low cost and the like, eliminates the hidden danger of fire since the heating is avoided in the construction process, is safe and reliable, completely changes and improves the traditional waterproof construction environments and the waterproof construction technology. The waterproof system can be widely applied in basements, underground structures and roofs.

Preparation method of micro-bridge structured infrared detector, and micro-bridge structure

The invention relates to a preparation method of a micro-bridge structured infrared detector, and a micro-bridge structure. The method comprises the steps that: a metal reflective layer and a sacrificial layer are sequentially deposited on an infrared detector readout circuit substrate; PI holes are etched on the sacrificial layer, wherein the PI holes are positioned at an out-leading electrode of the readout circuit; a deposition support layer, a thermo-sensitive layer and a protective layer are sequentially deposited on the sacrificial layer; through holes are prepared in the PI holes, and a contact hole is prepared on the protective layer; electrode layer metal is deposited on the protective layer, and U-shaped metals with bridge pier structures are filled in the PI holes and the through holes; and U-shaped metal structures are formed through photolithography and etching; photolithography and etching is carried out upon the electrode layer metal; a passivation layer is deposited on the surface of the device, and the passivation layer is subjected to photolithography and etching, such that a passivation layer pattern is formed; and sacrificial layer releasing is carried out, such that the micro-bridge structure is formed. According to the invention, a U-shape filling method is adopted, and Al is adopted as a filling material. Therefore, sputtering and depositing are easy, and etching is convenient. The heat insulation property of the detector is better than that of a copper filling process, and a CMP step is not needed.

Mobile vacuum boring and mud recovery method with the debris tank inclined & water storage below

A mobile vacuum boring and mud recovery method comprising a device which will create a vacuum condition within a vacuum container and the vacuum container is mounted on an incline to provide space beneath it to locate a water storage container, and having a vacuum conduit to transport a liquid and or solid particles into the vacuum container. The inclined vacuum tank facilitates gravitational assistance in both separation of liquids & solids as well as unloading debris. A dispensing device may be added to dispense a liquid or a solid from the vacuum container without eliminating the vacuum environment within the vacuum container, and said vacuum container having the ability to fill, store and dispense its contents simultaneously. The vacuum container may further comprises a means to separate a liquid from solids. The vacuum conduit articulated boom used to transport debris into the vacuum container may have the added feature or attachments chosen from an earth digging bucket, a telescoping vacuum conduit, sensor to locate buried utilities, monitors and controls to operate the attachments an their function, water spray nozzle, man hole cover remover cutting tool grinding tool, saw, blasting tool, surface cleaning tool, demolition tool, torque wrench, tractor to pull vacuum hose, jetter nozzle, or camera and power source to operate them. The above described vacuum system may be mounted on a variety of mobile platforms, chosen from but not limited to a trailer, truck, skid steer, fork lift, track hoe, railroad car, or zero turn radius vehicle which may have the added feature of being convertible between a powered vehicle & a trailer.

Production technology of hatch coaming and hatch cover

The invention discloses a manufacture technology for a hatch coaming and a hatch cover. The manufacture technology mainly comprises steps of the positioning of the hatch coaming, the surplus cutting, welding, then the assembly of the hydraulic equipment, pipelines and the electrical equipment, and then the hoisting of the hatch cover, the installation and the final debugging; the hatch coaming and the hatch cover adopt the following steps that firstly the actual main deck line type of the position of a dock where the hatch cover is positioned is copied onto a platform, and then positioning, the accurate detecting and welding are carried out according to the shape and the height of the hatch coaming on the platform; then the hydraulic equipment, the pipelines and the electrical equipment are assembled, after that, the hatch cover is hoisted; and finally the whole manufactured hatch coaming and the hatch cover are hoisted in a hatch position for one time and to be fixedly connected with a boat. Through the technology, the hoisting frequency of a gantry crane is reduced during the hoisting process, the hoisting time is reduced, and the hoisting efficiency is improved; the construction on the platform enlarges the usable operating region, and simultaneously the construction is more convenient and securer.
Owner:江苏熔盛重工有限公司 +1

Campaniform oscillator type angular rate gyroscope

The invention relates to an angular rate gyroscope which has the variable-thickness axisymmetric multi-curved surface fusion structural feature and takes an oscillator with a campaniform structure as a sensitive element. The angular rate gyroscope consists of the oscillator, an oscillator support structure, an airtight cover, a cylindrical outer frame and a system circuit, wherein the oscillator is made of a quartz material and is machined integrally for forming with a phi-shaped support rod; the upper and the lower ends of the support rod are respectively fixed to the top end of a support cover and the central position of a support base plate; a driving electrode and a vibration mode stable electrode are attached to the support cover; a detection electrode is arranged in the inner space of the campaniform oscillator; the airtight cover and the cylindrical outer frame are sequentially arranged outside a support structure; and the system circuit is positioned between the bottom of the airtight cover and the outer frame. The angular rate gyroscope is suitable for the application field of measuring medium and low-precision angular rate in the high dynamic environment, and the oscillator with the campaniform structure has the high quality factors and high overload capacity resistance and has the characteristics of hold facility during power failure, simple structure, suitability for batch production and the like.
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