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Healthful dissolvable oral tablets, and mini-bars

Dissolvable oral tablets and mini-bars which contain healthful ingredients. The products contain a multitude of discrete, extruded sections containing different healthful ingredients. A wide variety of active ingredients includes oxygen enhancers, vitamins, enzymes, dehydrated foods, pycnogenols, food supplements, soy proteins, herbs, roots, and mints. The tablets and mini-bars may be prepared by extruding discrete sections and matrix, all containing active ingredients, cutting the resulting shape for the tablet and mini-bar, and coating with dehydrated food. The tablets and mini-bars may supply needed active ingredients following natural disasters or prior to surgery or may be taken for general use. The products may be contained in a thermal insulating wrapper having an inner piece, an outer piece, and a corrugated piece between the inner and outer pieces. The products may be stored in a thermally insulating luminous canteen container having a primary container having a removable cover and a plurality of secondary containers affixed to the outer wall of the primary container, which containers have removable attached covers. The container may be constructed of hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber, and may contain a compass and a signaling mirror. These containers also hold water and first aid supplies. The canteen containers may be supplied to survivors of natural disasters or used for general utility.

Air cushion cylinder having a sealer of air sealing and locking device and the method for preparing the same

The invention relates to an air buffer having an automatic seal body air shutting-off and locking device and a making method thereof. The air buffer comprises a seal body composed of a continuous film coil and comprising two pieces of external film and two pieces of internal film, a plurality of equidistant heat-resistant nodes made from heat-resistant material are coated on the top of the internal surface of one internal film, and hot seal nodes are arranged at the positions at the same height as the heat-resistant nodes of one external film, and hot seal transversal lines are employed to divide the seal body into aerating channel regions and air storing columns, the aerating channels join the air storing columns through the hot seal lines, an internal film with heat-resistant nodes is arranged on the external film to make the internal film and the external film unjoined to form a sole channel air inlet. When aerating, the air channel portions of the two pieces of external films will expand to draw the internal films joined therewith, thus to allow all the air inlets along the air channels to open indirectly. In this way, a plurality of seal bodies are needed to be aerated, the air inlets are shut off and the air inlet paths are locked after aerating, thereby the air buffer having dual air shutting-off functions and durable seal performance.

Process for making and aging high strength high gas barrier cellular cushioning product

ActiveUS7018495B2Reduce and eliminate film delaminationLower bursting pressurePaper/cardboard articlesHollow inflatable ballsPolyesterPolymer science
An inflatable cushioning article is made by a process of extruding two multilayer films (or extruding one film which is either annular or folded over) each having (a) a seal layer, (b) a tie layer containing an anhydride modified olefin polymer containing anhydride at a level of at least 150 ppm, based on the weight of the modified olefin polymer, and (c) an oxygen barrier layer comprising crystalline polyamide, crystalline polyester, ethylene/vinyl alcohol copolymer, polyacrylonitrile, and/or crystalline polycycloolefin. Selected portions of the films are heat sealed to one another in a selected area providing a heat seal pattern which leaves inflatable chambers between the films, whereby an inflatable cellular cushioning article is produced. At some point after extrusion, at least one of the multilayer films are aged for a time and at a temperature in accordance with at least one member selected from the group consisting of: (i) 141° F. to 250° F. for a period of at least 1 second; (ii) 101° F. to 140° F. for a period of at least 10 minutes; (iii) 61° F. to 100° F. for a period of at least 1 hour; and (iv) 30° F. to 60° F. for a period of at least 1 day. After aging, the cellular cushioning article is inflated. Preferably, the article is inflated to an internal pressure of at least 1.5 psi.
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