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Entertainment device configured for interactive detection and security vigilant monitoring in communication with a control server

Home security detectors configured with the control components of the home comprising interactive detectors enhanced to support location-awareness and home occupant-awareness and functionality. The system includes at least one motion sensor configured with communication devices operatively arranged to transmit information about any motion of occupants in the various sections of the home as part of the information about the occupancy of the home during an emergency. At least one sensor is provided in various rooms of a home each sensing a state of the home. A central communication device is coupled, wired or wirelessly, directly or indirectly, to each home sensor configured to transmit the state of the home. The number of occupants in the home are determined by at least one body heat sensor and at least one heartbeat sensor each configured with the interactive detectors to detect the presence of emergency and home occupants and to know the present situations such as their heartbeats, such that the number of occupants and their locations are determinable from the number of detected body heat and their security and safety conditions are determinable by their heartbeats. The detection method includes the steps of sensing a state of the home and transmitting the state of the home to at least a server. Images of the home are captured by at least a camera means configured with at least a MOS and/or CMOS based active sensor array for producing real-time images and stored in the server for wireless retrieval. The images ideally include at least an intruder of the home. The server is configured with a central processor for enabling controlling security vigilance monitoring and for enabling rapid distribution of detection data, voice, and other detection signals within the monitoring environment. The system establishes a network which includes configuring home audio/visual devices, media destination means such as televisions, monitors, PDAs, notepads, notebooks, MP3, wireless stereo, cell phones etc for the detection means. The control server supports video/audio servings, telephony, messaging, file sharing, internetworking, and security monitoring and allows home occupants to access and control the home network environment from any location within a controlled residential, commercial/industrial and/or non-residential, commercial/industrial environment with at least a computer means such as a cell phone.

Location information of emergency call providing system using mobile network

The present invention relates to a system for providing location information using a mobile communication network, and more particularly, to a system for providing emergency relief location information using a mobile communication network, by which location and situation information of a mobile communication subscriber can be easily known through the mobile communication network using the mobile communication terminal. An object of the present invention is to provide a system for providing emergency relief location information using a mobile communication network, capable of notifying location and situation information of a given mobile communication subscriber who is placed in an emergency situation through a mobile communication terminal of a given relief personnel adjacent to the place where the emergency situation has occurred. Another object of the present invention is to provide a system for providing emergency relief location information using a mobile communication network, which can prevent in advance illegal deposit withdrawal by stopping a transaction of financial accounts owned by a given mobile communication subscriber in case of emergency. Still another object of the present invention is to provide a system for providing location information using a mobile communication network, which can provide location information that allows the location among the mobile communication subscribers to be easily found through the satellite communications and the mobile communication network.

Videophone system for scrutiny monitoring with computer control

In conjunction with the dial-up public telephone system, voice quality lines carry videophone signals for monitoring a multitude of locations from at least one central station for use in a variety of applications, such as for security, surveillance, quality control and inspection, regulation of food and/or other standards in food-related and other facilities, market research, remote monitoring of deposit and withdrawal of funds at bank vaults, grocery chains, convenience stores, and the like. At the central station, telephonic interface apparatus is actuated by a control unit to selectively accomplish a telephonic connection with a remote location. Displays include the scene at the remote location and related graphic data. During routine operation, remote locations are displayed in sequence to at least one operator. Such operation may be interrupted either from a remote location or central station in the event of an urgency. In such an event, the concerned scrutiny location is displayed for further communication involving status, camera selection, camera configuration, audio, video and so on. Incoming calls from scrutiny stations imply an urgent situation for immediate display. The called number, by dialed number identification system (DNIS) may indicate the status while the calling number identifies the location by automatic number identification (ANI) signals. Alternative signalling and code techniques afford flexible operation as with respect to various graphic and status indications available for displays.
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