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System and method for enhanced combustion control in an internal combustion engine

A system and method for enhanced combustion control in an internal combustion engine is disclosed. A fuel supply system has a fuel injector positioned to directly inject fuel into a combustion chamber, and it is capable of performing a split injection wherein a first fuel injection in each engine cycle precedes a second fuel injection that occurs during compression stroke in the same engine cycle. A spark plug produces a spark to ignite a first air/fuel mixture portion created due to the second fuel injection, initiating a first stage combustion. The first stage combustion raises temperature and pressure high enough to cause auto-ignition of a second air/fuel mixture portion surrounding the first air-fuel mixture portion, initiating a second stage combustion. An engine controller is programmed to perform control over initiation timing of the second stage combustion in response to at least one of the engine speed and load. This control is accomplished by varying at least one of a fuel injection timing of the first fuel injection, a fuel injection timing of the second fuel injection, spark timing, a proportion of fuel quantity of the second fuel injection to the total fuel injected in each engine cycle, and an EGR rate in response to at least one of engine speed and load.

Heating system of power battery of pure electric automobile and control method thereof

The invention aims to provide a heating system of a power battery of a pure electric automobile and a control method thereof, which are used for eliminating the influence of low temperature on the performance of the power battery of the pure electric automobile to ensure that the pure electric automobile can be used in severe cold areas in winter. The heating system comprises a battery heating device which is arranged in a battery pack, wherein the battery heating device is provided with a hollow radiating fin; and the radiating fin is provided with a water inlet and a water outlet. The heating system is characterized by also comprising an auxiliary heater, wherein the auxiliary heater is connected with a fuel supply device; a heat exchanger is arranged in the auxiliary heater; the water inlet of the heat exchanger is communicated with the water outlet of an expansion water tank by a water pump and a water pipe; the water outlet of the heat exchanger is communicated with the water inlet of the radiating fin by an electric control valve; the water outlet of the radiating fine is communicated with the water inlet of the expansion water tank; the electric control valve, the auxiliary heater and the water pump are connected with a vehicle controller and are controlled by the vehicle controller; and the vehicle controller is also connected with a battery management system.
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