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Biomass high-temperature flue gas gasification combination coal burning boiler and low-pollution combustion method thereof

The invention belongs to the technical field of a coal burning boiler and particularly relates to a biomass high-temperature flue gas gasification combination coal burning boiler and a low-pollution combustion method thereof. Flue gas serving as a gasification agent enters a gasification furnace; a biomass to be gasified in a biomass bin also enters the gasification furnace; gasified biomass fuel gas enters a fuel gas purification chamber to be subjected to primary purification to remove H2S, HCl and oil tar impurities; after a pressure head of the purified biomass fuel gas is improved by a booster fan, the purified biomass fuel gas enters a fuel gas storage tank and then enters a hearth of the coal burning boiler by a fuel gas nozzle to be burnt; the content of the biomass in the total glue gas is in the range of 0 to 30 percent and the whole system can still operate stably. The use of the biomass effectively reduces discharge of CO2 and SO2. The high-temperature flue gas is used as a heat source to gasify the biomass so as to reduce the content of the oil tar in the biomass fuel gas. The generated biomass fuel gas has high CO2 concentration. The reducing effect of the fuel gas on NOX is far superior to that of the biomass solid on NOX. The NOX concentration is effectively reduced.

Solid fuel burner, burning method using the same, combustion apparatus and method of operating the combustion apparatus

A solid fuel burner using a low oxygen concentration gas as a transporting gas of a low grade solid fuel such as brown coal or the like and a combustion method using the solid fuel burner are provided. The solid fuel burner comprises a means for accelerating ignition of the fuel and a means for preventing slugging caused by combustion ash from occurring. Mixing of fuel and air inside a fuel nozzle 11 is accelerated by that an additional air nozzle 12 and a separator 35 for separating a flow passage are arranged in the fuel nozzle 11, and the exit of the additional air nozzle 12 is set at a position so as to overlap with the separator 35 when seeing from a direction perpendicular to a burner axis, and additional air is ejected in a direction nearly perpendicular to a flow direction of a fuel jet flowing through the fuel nozzle 11. An amount of air from the additional air nozzle 12 is varied corresponding to a combustion load. By increasing the amount of air from the additional air nozzle 12 at a low load operation, an oxygen concentration of a circulation flow 19 formed in a downstream portion outside the exit of the fuel nozzle 11 is increased to stably burn the fuel. By decreasing the amount of air from the additional air nozzle 12 at a high load operation, a flame is formed at a position distant from the fuel nozzle 11 to suppress radiant heat received by structures of the solid fuel burner and walls of the furnace.
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