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Aerosol generator and methods of making and using an aerosol generator

An aerosol generator includes a flow passage having an inlet and an outlet, a heater arranged relative to the flow passage for heating the flow passage, a source of material to be volatilized in communication with the inlet of the flow passage, a valve to open and close communication between the source of material and the inlet of the flow passage, and a pressurization arrangement for causing material in the source of material to be introduced into the flow passage when the valve is in an open position. The aerosol generator further includes a source of power for operating the heater and the valve, and a control device for controlling supply of power from the source of power to the heater and the valve. A metering device in an inhaler includes a pressurized source of medicated fluid and a metering chamber configured to deliver a predetermined volume of fluid to a heated flow passage in the inhaler. The metering chamber can be part of a rotary valve having a bore and a displacement member moveable within the bore from a first position where the fluid is loaded into the bore to a second position where the predetermined volume is ejected out of the bore. Another metering chamber has an elastic portion of a delivery passage in fluid communication with the pressurized source of liquid and the elastic portion of the delivery passage is deformed to eject the predetermined volume.

Paint spraying equipment and method of cleaning the same

In a method of cleaning a paint application system when switching between two different types or colors of paint, at least a predominant portion of the first paint (35) remaining in a paint line (3) is caused to flow back into its paint supply container (5). Then the entire paint line is flushed out using a flushing medium, before supplying the second paint through the paint line. In this manner, the paint remaining in the painting system at the end of a painting cycle is not wasted, but rather is saved to later be reused. A paint application apparatus includes a paint supply switching device (4), at least two paint supply containers (5 to 8), a paint spray nozzle (2), and a paint line (3) connecting the color switching device (4) to the spray nozzle (2). Two receiver stations (28) and (31) are interposed in the paint line (3), and a shuttle element in the form of a pipe cleaner swab (29) is arranged in the paint line (3) so as to be able to shuttle back and forth between the two receiver stations. A pressure medium or flushing medium can be introduced into the paint line (3) between the first receiver station (28) and the spraying nozzle (2), so as to push the pipe cleaner swab (29) through the paint line (3) to the second receiver station (31). Thereby, the paint remaining in the paint line (3) is pushed back into the paint supply container.
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