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Electronic ice fan

The invention discloses an electronic ice fan. An ice containing box is arranged below a body seat; a pressure increasing axial flow fan is arranged in the body seat; a suction port is formed below the axial flow fan; an annular flow increasing ring is arranged above the body seat; a circulation channel and a jet flow port are formed in the flow increasing ring; a mist stimulation pipe is arranged above the pressure increasing axial flow fan; a mist stimulator is arranged on the lower part of the mist stimulation pipe and connected with the ice containing box below; the mist stimulation pipe is communicated with the pressure increasing ring above; the ice water in the ice containing box flows to the mist stimulator; the pressure increasing axial flow fan sucks air from the lower suction opening to form high-pressure air flow; the high-pressure air flow flows through the mist stimulation pipe and blows the water mist of the mist stimulator through the circulation channel to form ice mist at the jet flow port of the flow increasing ring; and the ice mist is immediately gasified into ice-cold air. The invention aims at providing an air cooler device which solves the problems of small mist amount and non-cool air of the air cooler by using the axial flow fan, the flow increasing ring and the mist stimulator; and moreover, as no fan blade is arranged in the flow increasing ring, the effects of large mist amount and cool air of a bladeless ice fan are realized.

Ventilation device

The invention discloses a ventilation device, which aims to solve the problem that the conventional ventilation device does not have an air adjusting function. The device comprises a pedestal, a high-speed air blower and an annular ejector, wherein the high-speed air blower is arranged at the bottom of the pedestal; the annular ejector is arranged at an air outlet of the high-speed air blower and is fixed on the pedestal; and the air inlet or the air outlet of the high-speed air blower is provided with a vapor generator which is fixed on the pedestal for producing water vapor. In the ventilation device, the water vapor is produced through the vapor generator and is ejected through an atomization nozzle at a high speed to produce fog of smaller granularity, so that a hot air flow can more easily absorb the latent heat of vaporization, and the ventilation device has a humidification effect and a heat absorption and temperature reduction effect on a large amount of hot air sucked by the annular nozzle, and brings comfortable cool air similar to air on the shore of a lake or a sea to the surrounding environment. In the ventilation device, an external circulating device is not required to be mounted, so the cost is low; the space is not required to be closed, so that air convection is guaranteed; and the ventilation device is more energy-saving in the same temperature reduction range compared with a fan and an air conditioner, and can be used conveniently and safely.
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