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Electric drive fracturing semi-trailer of frequency conversion integrated machine

The invention discloses an electric drive fracturing semi-trailer of a frequency conversion integrated machine. The optimization and integration of the traditional power supply semi-trailer and the fracturing semi-trailer realize the functions of power supply and fracturing of one semi-trailer without using the complete set of the power supply semi-trailer and the fracturing semi-trailer, the electric drive fracturing semi-trailer is more flexible in actual use, and the well field layout of oil and gas fields is greatly optimized; the transportation is convenient; only a set of high-voltage cables can be connected with the high-voltage power supply to reach a working state, and the wiring installation is faster; compared with diesel-driven fracturing, and the noise of the electric drive fracturing is low without exhaust emission pollution; the driving source is power, which has lower cost than the diesel; the electric drive fracturing semi-trailer adopts an integrated design of a motorand a frequency converter (namely, the frequency conversion integrated machine), the space occupied by the electric motor and the inverter in the prior art is reduced effectively, so the installing part of the electric drive fracturing semi-trailer has smaller volume and the transportation is more convenient, and can also provide space guarantee for installing other equipment on the semi-trailerbody.

Five-cylinder plunger pump with integral power end structure

The invention discloses a five-cylinder plunger pump with an integral power end structure. According to the five-cylinder plunger pump, an integral welding structure is adopted for a crankshaft box body and a crosshead box body in a five-cylinder plunger pump power end assembly, so that the structural strength of the power end assembly is higher, the supporting stability is better, and the whole pump vibration can be reduced; the cylinder spacing is 13-14 inches, the bearing area of connecting rods, crossheads and bearing bushes is increased, a guarantee is provided for the output of the high-power of the five-cylinder plunger pump, the high-power five-cylinder plunger pump can effectively solve the problem that the shale gas fracturing well site area is narrow and the required fracturingequipment is relatively large, the use of equipment can be reduced, and the wellsite arrangement is facilitated; the 11-inches long-stroke design can better realize large-displacement operation requirements and improve the operation efficiency; and according to the multi-point supporting design of crankcase bodies, crosshead box bodies and the hydraulic end assembly, the supporting strength of thefive-cylinder plunger pump can be improved, the vibration is reduced, the high-load operation is better guaranteed, and the operation is more stable.

Cold end of low-temperature high-pressure plunger pump

InactiveCN109404274ASolve the problem of being unable to pump low temperature and high pressure liquid nitrogenHigh conveying medium temperaturePositive displacement pump componentsFluid removalHigh pressureLiquid nitrogen
The invention belongs to the technical field of low-temperature high-pressure plunger pumps, and particularly relates to a cold end of a low-temperature high-pressure plunger pump. The cold end comprises a cold end shell body, a plunger and a cylinder sleeve, wherein the plunger is arranged inside the cylinder sleeve, the cylinder sleeve is located inside the cold end shell body, a connecting locking device is arranged at the front end of the cold end shell body, the cold end shell body comprises a left cavity and a right cavity which communicate with each other, the right cavity internally comprises the cylinder sleeve, a valve set and a discharging flange, and the valve set comprises a valve seat, a high-pressure valve arranged in the valve seat and a low-pressure valve arranged betweenthe cylinder sleeve and the valve seat. According to the cold end of the low-temperature high-pressure plunger pump, the novel valve set structure adopts metal sealing, continuous opening and closingof the high-pressure valve and the low-pressure valve are achieved, and normal-pressure ultralow-temperature liquid nitrogen is converted into high-pressure low-temperature liquid nitrogen and is discharged so that the requirement for high-frequency opening and closing can be met, the characteristics of being low in conveying medium temperature and high in output pressure are achieved, and the problem that a common plunger pump cannot pump the low-temperature and high-pressure liquid nitrogen is solved.
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