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Vagus nerve stimulation via unidirectional propagation of action potentials

Methods of using unidirectionally propagating action potentials (UPAPs) for vagus nerve stimulation and for certain disorders are provided. Stimulators capable of creating such UPAPs include, but are not limited to, miniature implantable stimulators (i.e., microstimulators), possibly with programmably configurable electrodes.

Light source device, display device, and terminal device

In a display device equipped with a light source device, a second light-guide member is provided to the back surface of a first light-guide member that has an emitted light control sheet provided to the front surface thereof. The emitted light control sheet is composed of a flat plate portion and protrusions. A first light source mounted to a side surface of the first light-guide member, and a second light source mounted to a side surface of a second light-guide member are switched and turned on. The emitted light control sheet has light-condensing effects when the first light source is on, and has diffusing effects when the second light source is turned on. The angle range of illuminating light can thereby be switched.

Package structure of full color LED form by overlap cascaded die bonding

The present invention discloses a light source of full color LED (light emitted diode) by using die bond and packaging technology. A first mono-color LED chip with reflective metal on the bottom and transparent metal-oxide on the top of the chip is bonded on the PC board by thermal or ultrasonic die bond. A second mono-color LED chip with reflective metal on both sides is bonded in cascade on the first LED chip by thermal or ultrasonic die bond. The first LED chip emits light through the transparent metal-oxide to mix with the second LED light such that a different color light will obtain. The reflective metal reflects all the light to enforce the light intensity. In near field application, a red, a blue and a green LED are die bond in cascade to get a white light or full color light. In far field application, a yellow and a blue LED are die bond in cascade on the PC board, in its side is another cascaded die bond of a red and a green LED to get a white light or full color light.

Switching power supply device and switching power supply system

There is provided a switching power supply device of hysteresis current mode control system which assures excellent response characteristic for change of output current and reduction of power consumption. In a switching regulator of hysteresis current mode control system, a sense resistor connected in series to a coil is eliminated, a serially connected resistor and a capacitor are connected in parallel to a coil in place of such sense resistor. Thereby, a potential of a connection node of these resistor and capacitor is inputted to a comparator circuit having the hysteresis characteristic for comparison with the reference voltage. Accordingly, a switch may be controlled for ON and OFF states.

[non-volatile memory cell]

The present invention provides a non-volatile memory cell, comprising a tunnel dielectric layer disposed on the substrate, a barrier dielectric layer disposed over the tunnel dielectric layer, a graded charge trapping layer disposed between the tunnel dielectric layer and the barrier dielectric layer, a gate conductive layer disposed on the barrier dielectric layer and a source / drain region disposed in the substrate. The compositional ratio of the graded trapping layer gradually varies in different positions of the graded trapping layer.
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