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Disposable automatic safety circular anastomat

The invention discloses a disposable automatic safety circular anastomat, which relates to a circular anastomat provided with an automatic safety device. The invention belongs to a surgical operation instrument, and is particularly suitable for end-to-end, end-to-side and side-to-side cutting, sealing and stump cut anastomosis in alimentary tract operation of the esophagus, the stomach, the intestinal tract and the like. The disposable automatic safety circular anastomat comprises a nail butting seat component, a nail compartment component, an aluminum bended pipe, a bended push rod component, a movable handle component, a regulation screw nut component, an automatic safety device and a fixed handle component, wherein the bended push rod component comprises a bended push rod, a guide shaft, a connecting sheet, a lead screw, a regulation block, a regulation screw and a press sheet, the bended push rod component is sheathed and arranged in the aluminum bended pipe, the nail compartment component comprises a nail compartment sleeve, a nail compartment, a nail pushing sheet and an annular cutter, the nail butting seat assembly comprises a nail butting seat, a jump ring pipe, a jump ring and a nail butting seat cover, and the automatic safety device comprises a safety positioning plate, a safety positioning plate reset spring, a safety positioning plate reset spring pin, an indication block, an indication block transmission plate, an indication block transmission reset spring and an indication block transmission plate positioning pin.

Positioning spinning method of embedded system

The invention relates to a method for positioning yarn by an embedded system, belonging to the technical field of textile processing. The method comprises the technical proposal that: on a drafting mechanism of a ring spinning frame, two chopped fiber rough yarns unreeled from a rough yarn bobbin enter a drafting zone respectively in parallel to be drafted by yarn guiding horns; two continuous yarns are fed from the rear end of a front roller, and join with the two crude yarn strands respectively at a front jaw; the two drafted crude yarn strands and the two continuous yarns are output from the front jaw, enter a twisting triangular zone to be twisted, and are wound on a spun yarn bobbin into yarn; according to different relative positions of the two crude yarn strands and the two continuous yarns, yarns with various structures can be formed. The method can realize that polycomponent yarns with a core-spun structure, a fasciated structure and a folded yarn like structure can be spinned on the ring spinning frame; the yarn structure can be accurately selected and determined and is closer, and yarns has more excellent hairiness, brute force and evenness; and spinning of special fiber yarns on the traditional spinning equipment can be realized so as to enlarge the range of spinning materials.

Super-power five-cylinder plunger pump

The invention discloses a super-power five-cylinder plunger pump. The super-power five-cylinder plunger pump comprises a power end assembly, a fluid-power end assembly and a reduction box assembly; the power end assembly adopting a sectional type structure design includes a crankshaft box body, a crosshead box body and a space-stop rack, one end of the crosshead box body is connected with the crankshaft box body, and the other end of the crosshead box body is connected with the space-stop rack; the fluid-power end assembly is arranged at one end of the space-stop rack, and the fluid-power endassembly passes through the space-stop rack and the crosshead box body in sequence and is connected with the crankshaft box body through bolts; and the reduction box assembly is connected with the crankshaft box body, a crankshaft in the crankshaft box body is forging alloy steel, the crankshaft includes six shaft necks and five crank threw, each crank throw is arranged between two adjacent shaftnecks, and the distance between the crank threw and the rotating center of the crankshaft is 110mm to 160 mm. The super-power five-cylinder plunger pump has the beneficial effects that the rated inputpower of the super-power five-cylinder plunger pump is 5000 hp, so that the problem that high-power motors cannot be matched with the plunger pumps of corresponding specifications in electric drive fracturing is solved, and the contradictions that the conditions in oil and gas well fields are limited and the matching of fracturing equipment is much is further solved at the same time.

Portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot

The invention relates to an external skeleton assisting robot, in particular to a portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot. The problems that an existing lower limb external skeleton assisting robot worn on the human body is poor in assisting effect so that the loading capacity of the human body can be reduced, the wearing comfort for the human body is poor, the universality is poor, and the field environmental suitability is poor are solved. The portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot comprises the upper body back, the left leg and the right leg, and the left leg and the right leg respectively comprise a hip driving system, a thigh driving system and a shank wearing system. A hip joint energy-storage mechanism comprises a connecting base, a stretching rod, a second spring and a stopping sheet, and a first bevel gear is meshed with a second bevel gear. Each hip driving system comprises a second motor with a coder, a second reducer, a third bevel gear, a fourth bevel gear, a thigh connecting rod, a knee joint support, a knee joint connecting plate, an angle sensor, a series connection elastic combination body, a knee joint gearbox body, a knee joint shaft and an end cover. The portable energy-storage type external skeleton assisting robot is suitable for being worn outdoors for walking assisting.

Wearable lower limb exoskeleton device

The invention discloses a wearable lower limb exoskeleton device, which comprises a waist supporting frame, a waist object carrier, an adjustable hip mechanism, a connecting rod adjustable knee joint mechanism, a connecting rod adjustable ankle joint mechanism, pressure detection shoes, a leg connecting rod, a constraint part and various connecting pieces. Both lower limbs have twelve rotational freedoms, the single lower limb has six degrees of freedom respectively, a hip has two degrees of freedom which finish bending and stretching as well as adduction and abduction movements of a hip joint, two joint axes always intersects at the center of the hip joint of a human body through the adjustment of the hip mechanism, and a knee joint has one degree of freedom which is coaxial with the knee joint of the human body and corresponds to the bending and stretching movement of the knee joint of the human body; and an ankle joint has three degrees of freedom. The device has good consistency of the movement of the hip joint and the movement of the human body during the walking of people; human-machine knee joints have small coaxality and position deviation; and the ankle joint has a compact structure. The device can be used for strengthening the abilities of walking with load and walking for a long time of wearers and detecting walking information of the wearers, and can also be used for helping people with slight obstacle of lower limb movement to normally walk and gradually rehabilitate.
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