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System and method for implementing instant communication by using mobile phone address book

The invention discloses a system and a method for implementing instant communication by using a mobile phone address book, which change the mobile phone address book into a real-time on-line/connected communication system from an off-line/disconnected system by using a natural sociality relationship based on the mobile phone address book so as to expand and realize the capability of instant communication service. The system comprises a server and a computer terminal positioned on Internet, and a mobile phone of a mobile communication network, wherein a user uses the computer terminal or the mobile phone to log in or use the system; the mobile phone is provided with a mobile phone address book module, a presenting module, an instant message module and a communication module, and has the functions of mobile communication and instant communication; the user can use the conventional various communication services based on the mobile phone, and use the instant communication functions of displaying on-line states of contacts in the address book in real time, updating individual signature and head pictures, transceiving instant message and the like; and the user can select a proper communication mode according to the states of the current contacts.
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