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Glycosylation engineering of antibodies for improving antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity

InactiveUS6602684B1Increase healing valueEnhanced Fc-mediated cellular cytotoxicityNanotechFungiAntibody fragmentsADAMTS Proteins
The present invention relates to the field glycosylation engineering of proteins. More particular, the present invention is directed to the glycosylation engineering of proteins to provide proteins with improved therapeutic properties, e.g., antibodies, antibody fragments, or a fusion protein that includes a region equivalent to the Fc region of an immunoglobulin, with enhanced Fc-mediated cellular cytotoxicity.

Wound closure material

Articles are provided having no orientation or a multi-directional orientation. Such articles may be in the form of films, ribbons, sheets, and / or tapes and may be utilized as buttresses with a surgical stapling apparatus or as reinforcing means for suture lines. The articles may be produced with a polymeric material having an agent, such as a chemotherapeutic agent or a radiotherapeutic agent, incorporated therein or applied as a coating thereon.
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