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Robust adaptive model predictive controller with tuning to compensate for model mismatch

An MPC adaptation and tuning technique integrates feedback control performance better than methods commonly used today in MPC type controllers, resulting in an MPC adaptation / tuning technique that performs better than traditional MPC techniques in the presence of process model mismatch. The MPC controller performance is enhanced by adding a controller adaptation / tuning unit to an MPC controller, which adaptation / tuning unit implements an optimization routine to determine the best or most optimal set of controller design and / or tuning parameters to use within the MPC controller during on-line process control in the presence of a specific amount of model mismatch or a range of model mismatch. The adaptation / tuning unit determines one or more MPC controller tuning and design parameters, including for example, an MPC form, penalty factors for either or both of an MPC controller and an observer and a controller model for use in the MPC controller, based on a previously determined process model and either a known or an expected process model mismatch or process model mismatch range. A closed loop adaptation cycle may be implemented by performing an autocorrelation analysis on the prediction error or the control error to determine when significant process model mismatch exists or to determine an increase or a decrease in process model mismatch over time.

Special biological fish-fertilizer for aquaculture and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a special biological fish fertilizer and a preparation method for the fertilizer used in aquiculture; wherein, the biological fish fertilizer mainly comprises raw materials as follows: microbiological preparation, inorganic fertilizers, fermentation organics, micro-mineral amino acid chelate, mineral composites, and water quality improver. The preparation method for the special biological fish fertilizer in aquiculture comprises steps as follows: microbiological preparation is produced; fermentation organics is then produced, and the micro-mineral amino acid chelate is produced, eventually the finished products are made. The special biological fish fertilizer has the advantages of limiting the growth and reproduction of the harmful algae, promoting the large-scale growth and reproduction of the suitable food for fish, effectively improving the water quality and purifying the water environment, strengthening the fish immunity, reducing the diseases, reducing cost due to the small use level, convenient use, mild odor, no pollution to the water, and environment protection. By combining the modern bioengineering technique, low-temperature drying technique, spray-drying technique, and super-fine crushing techniques, the preparation method has the advantages of stable quality for the fish fertilizers and lower overall cost.

Chinese herbal medicinal feed additive for preventing and controlling swine infectious disease

InactiveCN101695342APrevention and treatment of asthmaPrevention and treatment of contagious pleuropneumoniaFood processingAnimal feeding stuffMedicinal herbsBaical Skullcap Root
The invention provides a Chinese herbal medicinal feed additive for preventing and controlling swine infectious disease. The swine feed additive consists of 37 Chinese medicinal herbs, namely, gypsum, rehmannia root, rhinoceros horn, golden thread, cape jasmine fruit, tree peony bark, baical skullcap root, red paeony root, figwort root, common anemarrhena rhizome, forsythia suspensa , platycodon root, liquorice root, common lophatherum herb, amur corktree bark, honeysuckle flower, Chinese pulsatilla root, indigowoad root, heartleaf houttuynia herb, astragalus, szechwon tangshan root, hawkthorn fruit, medicated leaven, barley sprout, radish seed, chicken's gizzard -membrane, Chinese thorowax root, common andrographis herb, philippine violet herb, tuber fleeceflower root, massa medicata fermentata fujianensis, cyrtomium rhizome, tung leaf, tangerine peel, white paeony root, pine needle and indigowoad leaf through scientific compatibility. The feed additive is added into swine feed in the proportion; under the condition of not using any vaccine, the feed additive can effectively prevent and cure severe mixed flu symptoms, infection and other syndromes caused by swine respiratory disease, asthma, contagious pleuropneumonia, swine virus mixed flu, high swine fever, porcine circovirus, swine fever, flu, pseudorabies, salmonellosis, bacillosis, streptococcus, erysipelas, paratyphoid, eperythrozoon, toxoplasm and other multi-pathogeny and provides genuine green food for the market.

Switching power converter and method of controlling output voltage thereof using predictive sensing of magnetic flux

A switching power converter and method of controlling an output voltage thereof using predictive sensing of magnetic flux provides a low-cost switching power converter via primary-side control using a primary-side winding. The power converter has improved immunity to parasitic phenomena and other variations within the power converter components. An integrator is used to generate a voltage analog that represents magnetic flux within a power magnetic element via an integration of a voltage on a primary-side winding of the power magnetic element. A detection circuit detects the end of a half-cycle of post-conduction resonance that occurs in the power magnetic element subsequent to the energy level in the power magnetic element reaching zero. The voltage of the integrator is stored at the end of the post-conduction resonance half-cycle and is used to determine a sampling point prior to or equal to the start of post-conduction resonance in a subsequent switching cycle of the power converter (which is the predicted zero-energy storage point of the power magnetic element). The primary-side winding voltage is then sampled at the sampling point, providing an indication of the output voltage of the power converter. By predicting the zero-magnetic-energy storage point, the output voltage of a power converter operating in discontinuous or boundary conduction mode can be accurately controlled without being affected by parasitic phenomena or variations in circuit performance over time, input voltage and temperature.

Micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for enhancing immunity of livestock and poultry, and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for enhancing the immunity of livestock and poultry, and a preparation method thereof. The invention is characterized in that traditional Chinese medicines are combined with the modern microbial fermentation technology to develop a novel feed additive, i.e. traditional Chinese medicines such as astragalus root, eucommia, licorice, bupleurum and the like are directly fermented by two or more of sporeformer, microzyme, lactobacillus to obtain the product. The micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation provided by the invention has the efficacies of enhancing the body immunity of livestock and poultry, maintaining the gastrointestinal microbial flora balance of animals, preventing and treating alimentary and respiratory diseases of livestock and poultry, promoting healthy and quick growth of the animals, and improving the qualities of meat, egg and milk; the micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation has no toxic side effect, no pollution and no residue, can not generate drug resistance, and is suitable for use at each growth stage of the livestock and poultry; and the effect is stable and reliable and can meet the requirements of people for safety in production of livestock and poultry products. The micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for enhancing the immunity of livestock and poultry can be increased in dose to be used as a veterinary medicine for application.

Fruit and vegetable jam and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a fruit and vegetable jam and a preparation method thereof. The fruit and vegetable jam is characterized by being prepared from the following components: 50-99.8% of fruit and vegetable concentrated pulps, 0.01-0.5% of Sodium D-isoascorbate or vitamin C, 0.01-0.5% of citric acid and 0-49.8% of syrup or substitute sugar. The preparation method comprises the following steps:pulping or juicing fruits and vegetables, and then concentrating the pulped or juiced fruits and vegetables 0-10 times; evenly stirring the components in proportion, and sterilizing the components atthe temperature of 75-132 DEG C for 2 seconds-50 minutes; and cooling the sterilized fruit and vegetable pulp to 20-45 DEG C, inoculating lactic acid bacteria into the sterilized and cooled fruit andvegetable pulp at a ratio of 103-109 cfu/mL, and fermenting the pulp at the temperature of 25-45 DEG C for 6-96 hours until the pH value is 2.5-5.0. The method has the following characteristics: (1) obtaining natural tender tart flavor is obtained, the astringent flavor of the fruits and the wild artemisia flavor of the vegetables are effectively removed; (2) by means of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, the content of amino acid in the fruits and vegetables can be improved by more than 20%, the contents of substances with special flavor are improved by more than 30%, and the flavor and taste of products are effectively improved; (3) nutrient components in the fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins, dietary fibers and the like, in the fruits and vegetables are fully maintained; and (4) the quality guarantee period of food is prolonged, and corruption is avoided.
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