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Micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for enhancing immunity of livestock and poultry, and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for enhancing the immunity of livestock and poultry, and a preparation method thereof. The invention is characterized in that traditional Chinese medicines are combined with the modern microbial fermentation technology to develop a novel feed additive, i.e. traditional Chinese medicines such as astragalus root, eucommia, licorice, bupleurum and the like are directly fermented by two or more of sporeformer, microzyme, lactobacillus to obtain the product. The micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation provided by the invention has the efficacies of enhancing the body immunity of livestock and poultry, maintaining the gastrointestinal microbial flora balance of animals, preventing and treating alimentary and respiratory diseases of livestock and poultry, promoting healthy and quick growth of the animals, and improving the qualities of meat, egg and milk; the micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation has no toxic side effect, no pollution and no residue, can not generate drug resistance, and is suitable for use at each growth stage of the livestock and poultry; and the effect is stable and reliable and can meet the requirements of people for safety in production of livestock and poultry products. The micro-ecological traditional Chinese medicine preparation for enhancing the immunity of livestock and poultry can be increased in dose to be used as a veterinary medicine for application.

Preparation method for edible fungus nutritional health-care functional drink

ActiveCN102389139AImprove immunityEnhance anti-tumor abilityFood preparationHorticultureNutrientSubmerged fermentation
The invention discloses a preparation method for edible fungus nutritional health-care functional drink. The method comprises the following steps of: performing deep fermentation cultivation on special edible fungus strains in a fermentation tank to obtain fermentation liquor and mycelium; directly crushing the fermentation liquor and mycelium mechanically and performing homogenate without performing hot-water lixiviating or enzymolysis treatment to obtain drink raw stock; and blending the raw stock and purified water in a certain ratio, and adding an appropriate amount of flavoring agent, stabilizing agent and the like, and sterilizing and packaging to obtain a finished product. The editable fungus drink which is prepared by the method contains the nutrient substances such as crude fiber, crude protein, crude fat, vitamin, and amino acid and trace elements which are essential in a human body and the like, and simultaneously contains edible fungus polysaccharide, terpenoids, total phenol, alkaloid, flavonoid and other physiological activator and has the health-care function of improving immunity of a human body, and resisting tumors, oxidation and aging and the like. The drink hasoriginal taste, sour and sweet taste, milk taste, fruit taste and the like according to the requirements of different crowds.

Mushroom dried bean curd preparation method

InactiveCN102894104AImprove immunityFavorable peristalsisCheese manufactureMotilityShiitake mushrooms
The invention discloses a mushroom dried bean curd preparation method, which is prepared by using the following raw materials in parts by weight: 1000-1200 parts of soybean, 10-12 parts of Gracilaria lemaneiformis, 10-12 parts of Brasenia schreberi, 30-40 parts of mushrooms, 10-15 parts of Salvia miltiorrhiza, 10-12 parts of Equisetum hiemale, 10-12 parts of Petasites tatewakianus Kitam, 10-12 parts of angelica roots, 10-12 parts of cresses, 10-12 parts of pumpkin flowers, 5-8 parts of Potentilla chinensis, 20-30 parts of hot peppers, 5-8 parts of pitaya flowers, 10-12 of green tea, 10-12 parts of white fungi, 10-12 parts of o red tangerine peels and 10-12 parts of Chinese chives. Since various wild vegetables and medicine-food homologous traditional Chinese medicine healthcare components are added into dried bean curd raw materials and the mushrooms have an effect of improving immunity, can prevent and resist cancers and are beneficial to health, the mushroom dried bean curd does not have a side effect when the mushroom dried bean curd is eaten for a long term. Besides, since a multiple-time grinding process is adopted, bean dregs are reduced, dietary fibers in the bean dregs are added into soymilk, the gastrointestinal motility of human bodies is improved and the defecation is facilitated; and since brine contains various traditional spices and also contains components such as American ginseng, the human body immunity is improved and the life is prolonged.

Selenium-enriched konjac rice and processing method thereof

The invention provides selenium-enriched konjac rice and a processing method thereof. The selenium-enriched konjac rice is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 30-60% of selenium-enriched konjac, 10-30% of rice powder and 20-30% of mung bean powder, wherein the selenium-enriched konjac is selenium-enriched konjac powder or selenium-enriched konjac glucomannan or a mixture of the selenium-enriched konjac powder and the selenium-enriched konjac glucomannan. The production method comprises the steps of mixing the selenium-enriched konjac, the rice powder and the mung bean powder, adding water, stirring the mixture to ensure the moisture content of the mixture to reach 40-45%, extruding the mixture into strips in a screw extruder, granulating, polishing and drying in a fluidized bed until the safe moisture content is 2% and packaging, thus obtaining the selenium-enriched konjac rice. The selenium-enriched konjac rice and the processing method thereof have the following beneficial effects: the selenium-enriched konjac is adopted as the main material and the mung bean is adopted as the auxiliary material to produce the selenium-enriched konjac rice product, so that the product not only has the functions of lowering blood sugar level and blood lipid, resisting tumors, improving immunities, clearing heat and eliminating toxic materials, but also does not have offensive odor or harsh taste of the konjac and has good taste.

Multi-strain fermentation composite suckling pig granulated feed and production method thereof

The invention discloses a multi-strain fermentation composite suckling pig granulated feed and a production method thereof. The multi-strain fermentation composite suckling pig granulated feed consists of 95 percent of corn and cured materials of pulverized mixed materials of soybean meal and cottonseed meal, 5 percent of multi-strain fermentation materials and a proper amount of feed additives. The production method comprises the following steps of: mixing the cured materials and the fermentation materials; adding a proper amount of additives such as fish meal, babymeal and the like; and preparing granules with 2.5-mm diameter by using a granulator. The multi-strain fermentation composite suckling pig granulated feed comprises a lot of probiotics, so the effects of improving immunity of sucking pigs, improving stomach function, promoting nutrient absorption, resisting diseases and preventing diseases are remarkable; and the multi-strain fermentation composite suckling pig granulated feed is suitable for the ingestion and physical growth characteristics of the sucking pigs, so palatability and weight-increasing speed are high, and no weaning stress exists. By the method, the problem that the conventional microorganism fermentation feed cannot be granulated is solved; the activities of beneficial bacterial groups in the finished products are retained completely; the process is simple; and the feed is easy to produce.

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating primary lung cancer

InactiveCN101584801AImprove immunityControl disease progressionAntineoplastic agentsMolluscs material medical ingredientsSalvia chinensisChinese herbs
The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating primary lung cancer, which is characterized by comprising the following Chinese herbs as main components: 30g of radix astragali, 12g of raw rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, 30g of root of straight ladybell, 12g of asparagus, 30g of selaginella doederlleini, 30g of salvia chinensis, 30g of herba oldenlandiae, 15g of honeysuckle, 15g of subprostrate sophora, 15g of selfheal, 15g of varech, 12g of oarweed, 30g of arisaema cum bile, 15g of trichosanthes bark, 30g of raw oyster, and the like. A preparation method of the traditional Chinese medicine comprises the following steps: putting the Chinese herbs into a container, dipping the Chinese herbs into water, frying the Chinese herbs with slow fire for 20min, and taking out 200ml of decoction. One dose of the decoction is taken after breakfast and dinner every day, and ten dosages are taken as one period of treatment. The prescription is prepared from pure Chinese herbs by a traditional preparation method, reserves the medical property, has the efficacy of nourishing Yin and moisturizing the lung, clearing away heat and toxic material, flexibly and rigidly resolving phlegm and enhancing the immunizing power, achieves the aim of treatment and has no side effect.
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