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Method for manufacturing alkylate oil with composite ionic liquid used as catalyst

The present invention pertains to a method for manufacturing alkylate oil using a composite ionic liquid as catalyst. A mixture of isobutane and C4 olefins is used as the raw material, and a composite ionic liquid is used as catalyst to carry out an alkylation reaction. The alkane / olefin ratio in the raw material is higher than 1:1. In the composition of the aforementioned composite ionic liquid catalyst, the cations come from a hydrohalide of an alkyl-containing amine or pyridine, while the anions are composite coordinate anions coming from two or more metal compounds. One of the metal compounds is an aluminum compound, while other metal compounds are compounds of Group IB and Group IIB elements of the Periodic Table and the transition metals. The present invention also provides a design of static mixer reaction apparatus that can realize the aforementioned manufacturing method. The method of the present invention increases the selectivity of the alkylation reaction to give the alkylation product a relatively high octane number and further increase the product yield. Also, the manufacturing operation is simplified, and the cost can be reduced. This method is an environmentally friendly method that will not pollute the environment.

Methods, apparatus and system to support large-scale micro- systems including embedded and distributed power supply, thermal regulation, multi-distributedsensors and electrical signal propagation

The present invention relates to technologies for integrated circuits and Large Area Integrated Circuits (LAICs), which are integrated circuits made from photo-repetition of one or several reticle image fields, stitched together on at least one lithographic process layer. It also relates to a specific class of LAIC that can connect to the contacts of other ICs placed on its surface, where specific contact detection algorithms means are disclosed. The innovations include means for defect tolerance of serial communication links, means for efficient diagnosis of short and stuck-at faults in regular reconfigurable network, means for a programmable interposer for rapid prototyping of 3D stacked chips, means to build efficient large area micro-system devices (LAMS), with distributed and configurable hierarchical structures for power supply, thermal regulation and signal propagation, means to reduce mechanical / thermal / thermo-mechanical issues in LAMS devices, means to propagate analog signal on a configurable digital network, means to predict thermo-mechanical stress peaks.
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