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Adhesive film for stacking semiconductor chips

The invention concerns an adhesive film for stacking chips which enables chips to be stacked in layers without using a separate spacer usually provided to keep a given distance between wires of an upper chip and a lower chip to have the same area. The adhesive film of the invention has an intermediate adhesive layer of thermoplastic phenoxy resin on both side of which a thermosetting adhesive layer of epoxy resin is placed, respectively, to make a three-layer structure, the thermoplastic phenoxy resin comprising UV curable small molecule compounds. The adhesive film of the invention is a multi-layered adhesive film produced by a method of comprising the steps of achieving compatibility on an interface between the thermosetting epoxy resin and thermoplastic phenoxy resin and then directly forming a phenoxy film of a high elastic modulus through UV curing in an adhesive film. With such a configuration, the adhesive film for stacking semiconductor chips according to the invention enables the semiconductor silicone chips to be stacked in 3 or more layers without using a separate spacer between chips in order to keep a wire distance between upper and lower chips in stacking the chips. With the configuration, it is advantageous that reliability of semiconductors is not lowered because adhesiveness is kept despite of a repeated process of stacking chips subject to high temperature.

High-viscosity self-adhesive protection film and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a high-viscosity self-adhesive protection film and a preparation method thereof. The high-viscosity self-adhesive protection film successively comprises a self-adhesive layer, a middle layer and an anti-stick back layer from top to bottom, and the anti-stick back layer is an anti-stick back layer added with an anti-stick master batch. In the high-viscosity self-adhesive protection film, the viscosity of the self-adhesive layer is high, and the anti-sticking back layer effectively prevents the self-adhesive layer from being bonded with the back layer when reeling is performed and facilitates unreeling, wherein the self-adhesive layer is prepared from modified SEBS and linear low-density polyethylene. The middle layer is prepared from linear low-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene. The anti-stick back layer is prepared by selecting linear low-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene and the anti-stick master batch. The added anti-stick master batch prevents the self-adhesive layer from being bonded with the back layer when reeling is performed, facilitates unreeling, and also guarantees that the self-adhesive film does not deform. The high-viscosity self-adhesive protection film does not need additional gluing and is easy to unreel, and during production, the film does not adhere to a roller and does not generate wrinkles or foams.

Method, apparatus, system, device and storage medium for presenting in live broadcast room

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The invention discloses a method, an apparatus, a system, a device and a storage medium for confessing in a live broadcast room. The method comprises the following steps: obtaining a virtual gift giving success mark from an anchor terminal in a live broadcast room, wherein the virtual gift giving success mark comprises an audience mark, an anchor mark and a virtual gift mark; as that virtual giftmark corresponds to the display pop-up window, sending the display pop-up window to the corresponding audience terminal accord to the viewer mark; acquiring confession content in a confession pop-up window from an audience terminal; generating a presentation banner according to the presentation content, the audience identification, the anchor identification and the virtual gift identification, andsending the expression banner to the live broadcast room. The invention solves the technical problem of underexposure to users in a live broadcast room in the prior art, and achieves the goal of increasing strong exposure between the host and the user who should present the virtual gift of the pop-up window under the scene of instant interaction between the host and the user, thereby enhancing the stickiness between the host and the user.

System and method for reorganizing knowledge

The invention provides a system and a method for reorganizing knowledge. The system for reorganizing the knowledge comprises a selecting unit, a searching unit, an extracting unit and a file generating unit. The selecting unit selects target vocabulary from preset ontology vocabulary banks according to received selecting commands; the searching unit searches a plurality of pieces of vocabulary from the preset ontology vocabulary banks to form vocabulary sets, and the multiple pieces of vocabulary are in association relationships with the target vocabulary; the extracting unit searches target knowledge entries in preset knowledge entry banks and extracts entry contents corresponding to the target knowledge entries while the target knowledge entries are searched, and the corresponding target knowledge entries are associated with each piece of vocabulary in the vocabulary sets; the file generating unit summarizes all the extracted entry contents and determines sorting orders of all the entry contents according to the association relationships among each piece of vocabulary in the vocabulary sets and other vocabulary, so that all the entry contents can be combined with one another according to the sorting orders, and knowledge files can be generated. According to the technical scheme, the system and the method have the advantages that the association relationship building cost can be reduced, and the knowledge files which can meet different requirements of users can be generated.

Instant communication information processing method and instant communication information processing system based on intelligent television

The invention discloses an instant communication information processing method and an instant communication information processing system based on an intelligent television. The instant communication information processing method includes that instant communication tool numbers, needing to be managed, are bound to a registered ID (identity) number in advance, and security certificates and open authorizations of instant communication tools are acquired; server login is performed via the registered ID number, and the instant communication tool numbers, bound to the ID number, are controllably used to login backgrounds of corresponding instant communication software of the instant communication tool numbers sequentially; when login succeeds, by the aid of the backgrounds of the instant communication software, messages of instant communication servers are intercepted, prompts are given in case of messages, and replies are made according to prompted information. The instant communication information processing method and the system based on the intelligent television have the advantages that stickiness between the instant communication tools and the intelligent television can be enhanced, the problem that a user needs to switch the instant communication tools for receiving and replying online messages via various instant communication tools are solved, and a good platform enabling the user to use the instant communication tools better and more conveniently is provided for the user.
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