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Method for preparing humic acid and salt thereof by oxidation and degradation of brown coal

The invention discloses a method for producing humic acid and salt thereof through the oxidative degradation of young lignite. The method comprises the following steps: carrying out the oxidation reaction of the lignite containing the humic acid and aqueous hydrogen peroxide solution; after the reaction, obtaining water soluble fulvic acid through centrifugal separation, supernatant filtration, concentration and drying; adding alkali into the fulvic acid to prepare a fulvic acid salt product; carrying out the alkaline extraction and centrifugal separation of the residue deposit of the production of the fulvic acid, adding acid into the supernatant till the pH value is 1 to 2, carrying out a reaction at an increased temperature or room temperature, carrying out centrifugal separation after the reaction is finished, and obtaining purified ulmic acid after precipitation and drying; and directly concentrating and drying the supernatant in the previous step to obtain the humate. The method can improve the yield of the fulvic acid and total humic acid in the young lignite, and simultaneously increase the active group in the humic acid. The method can be used for producing fulvic acid, fulvic acid salt, ulmic acid and ulmic acid salt products. In particular, the method puts an end to the environmental pollution caused by the nitric acid which is taken as an oxidation degradation agent. In addition, the method has a short technological line, low cost, simple requirements on equipment, and moderate conditions. The method which can be applied to the industrialized production has good application prospect.

Method for preparing metallurgy-level aluminum oxide by using fluidized bed pulverized fuel ash

The invention discloses a method for preparing metallurgy-level aluminum oxide by using fluidized bed pulverized fuel ash as a raw material. The method comprises the following steps of: a) grinding the pulverized fuel ash, and removing iron by a wet magnetic separation method; b) reacting the pulverized fuel ash subjected to magnetic separation with hydrochloric acid to obtain hydrochloric acid immersion liquid; c) allowing the hydrochloric acid immersion liquid to pass through a large pore type cation resin column for further iron removal to obtain refined aluminum chloride solution; d) concentrating the refined aluminum chloride solution, and crystallizing to obtain an aluminum chloride crystal; and e) calcining the aluminum chloride crystal and decomposing to obtain the metallurgy-level aluminum oxide. The method has a simple process and an easily-controlled production process, and is high in aluminum oxide extraction efficiency, low in production cost and stable in product quality.

Soil fertility amendment and preparation method thereof

The invention provides a multifunctional soil nutrient conditioner formula with low cost, practicality and effectiveness and a preparation method thereof aiming at the technical problems. The production technology is simple, the production cost is low, and no harmful gas and sewage are generated during production. The product can effectively provide dozens of nutritive elements required for plant growth, is applied by being combined with a common fertilizer and an organic fertilizer, and can obviously improve the utilization rate of the fertilizer, so as to reduce the fertilizer input; and simultaneously the product can obviously stimulate action of beneficial floras of the soil, inhibit action of causal organisms, and increase the disease suppression of the soil and the resistance of plants, and then can effectively control generation of physiological diseases and soil-borne diseases, so as to reduce the pesticide input. The fertilizer input and the pesticide input can be reduced by more than 15 to 30 percent, and the yield can be increased by more than 15 to 30 percent, and simultaneously the product quality is obviously improved and cost conservation and synergism are obvious. Moreover, the soil improvement effect is obvious, and the sustainable utilization capacity can be obviously enhanced.
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High-carbon high-high-vanadium high-speed steel composite roller and heat treatment method thereof

The invention discloses a high-carbon high-vanadium high-speed-steel complex roll. The outer layer of the high-carbon high-vanadium high-speed-steel complex roll comprises, based on weight percent, C: 1.8%-3.0%, V: 3.0%-6.0%, Cr: 4.0%-6.0%, Mo: 3.0%-6.0%, W: 1.0%-3.0%, Nb: 1.0%-5.0%, Co: 1.0%-5.0%, Si: <1.0%, Mn: <1.5%, P: <0.04%, S: <0.04%; Y: 0.05%-0.20%, Ti: 08%-0.25%, Mg: 0.03%-0.12%, Zr: 0.04%-0.18%, Te: 0.02%-0.12%, the residuel of Fe, the total of 100%. The roll is produced by smelting using electric furnace, casting and forming using centrifugal casting, heat treatment comprising quenching and tempering treatment. The high-speed-steel roll has high rigidity and strength, good toughness and wear resistance, and good anti-thermal fatigue, without roll breakage and desquamation in use. The application of the inventive roll can reduce the consumption of roll, improve the work rates of roll, prolong roll changing cycle, improve the surface quality of roll, with good economic and social effect.

Normal-temperature synthesis method for polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent

The invention discloses a normal-temperature synthesis method for a polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent, and belongs to the field of cement concrete water-reducing agents. The water-reducing agent is prepared by the following steps of: copolymerizing polyoxyethylene ether monomer or polyoxyethylene ester monomer a containing unsaturated double bonds, unsaturated monocarboxylic acid and derivative monomer thereof b, unsaturated dicarboxylic acid c and unsaturated sulfonic acid or salt monomer thereof d in aqueous solution under the action of an oxidation reduction initiator, and finally neutralizing the solution by using alkali solution to obtain the water-reducing agent. The reaction can be performed at room temperature by adopting an oxidation reduction initiating system, and the appropriate reaction temperature is between 5 and 30 DEG C; and the synthesis process does not need heating, so energy is saved, and high-temperature side reaction is effectively controlled. The prepared polycarboxylic acid high-performance water-reducing agent has the characteristics of high water-reducing rate and good collapse protecting performance. The water-reducing agent has wide application range, and the method has low production process requirement and is suitable for industrialized large-scale production.

Standardized and industrialized production process for Shanxi mature vinegar

The invention relates to a production process for vinegar, in particular to the standardized and industrialized production process for Shanxi mature vinegar, which solves the problems of long production process period, complex process, unstable product quality, low raw material utilization rate and the like, of the prior production process. The production process comprises the following steps of: performing material processing before alcoholic fermentation, crushing, mixing, liquefaction and saccharification; selecting high-temperature resistant and high-alcoholic strength resistant saccharomyces, and adding a composite yeast to perform alcoholic fermentation; adding the composite acetic bacteria into vinegar residue, stirring with a vinegar residue stirrer, fermenting the vinegar residue in an acetyl hydrate fermenting tank, and turning the vinegar residue with a vinegar residue turning machine; tamping the vinegar residue in the acetyl hydrate fermenting tank, covering a layer of table salt on the tamped vinegar residue, and standing the vinegar residue; fuming the vinegar residue by the combination of a vinegar residue fuming furnace and a steam vinegar residue fuming jar; pouring vinegar; ageing the vinegar; clarifying the vinegar with a crude acidic protease, and filtering the vinegar with kieselguhr; blending the vinegar and the traditional Shanxi mature vinegar; sterilizing the vinegar; and packing the vinegar. The process of the invention has the advantages of systematized flow, standardized technological parameters, scale production procedure, normalized product quality and optimized production process.

Super-light foam cement concrete and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses a super-light foam cement concrete and a preparation method thereof. The super-light foam cement concrete comprises the following raw materials by weight parts: 9-36 parts of dead burnt magnesium oxides, 9-32 parts of dihydric phosphates, 0.5-7 parts of adjustable solidification agents, 6-25 parts of light burnt magnesium oxides, 0.5-7 parts of sulfur-containing components, 1-25 parts of industrial slag powder, 1-20 parts of kieselguhrs, 0.3-3.9 parts of waterproof agents, 0.2-1.7 parts of foam stabilizing agents, 1.0-8.9 parts of foaming agents and 25-90 parts of water. The preparation method of the high-performance super-light foam cement concrete comprises the following steps of: metering raw materials; preparing the slurry containing the foam stabilizing agents; uniformly mixing the foaming agents; pouring and standing by; foaming and expanding; coagulating and curing; and naturally maintaining. The super-light foam cement concrete has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation and insulation, stable volume, low production cost, energy-saving property, no environmental pollution, and the like. The super-light foam cement concrete is simple in production process and is especially suitable for the heat-insulating material of external building wall, roof and floor.

Low-expansion coefficient polyvinyl chloride alloy material and manufacturing method thereof

The invention provides a low-expansion coefficient polyvinyl chloride alloy material and a manufacturing method thereof. The ingredients of raw materials of the alloy material comprise a polyvinyl chloride substrate, a heat-resistant modifier, a heat stabilizer, a lubricator, a filler and a processing agent, and the alloy material is manufactured by a melt blending technique. The processing agent and the filler in the ingredients of the raw materials of the invention are the processing agent that is subjected to modification by a new method and the filler that is subjected to organic treatment, and by means of a mechanochemical reaction, self-plastification, toughening and reinforcement of the PVC can be combined organically to improve compatibility and dispersity of the polyvinyl chloride, the filler and heat-resistant resin, thus settling the problem about the contraction between the improvement of heat expansion performance and heat resistance of the PVC, and processing performance, strength and toughness of the PVC; the polyvinyl chloride engineering plastic with low expansion coefficient, high heat resistance, high strength, high toughness, excellent aging resistance and outstanding processing performance is manufactured; the invention has extensive industrial market prospect and the manufacturing method thereof is simple in technology, convenient in operation and control, stable in quality and high in production efficiency.

All-weather persistent antistatic master batch capable of being subjected to thermoplastic processing and antistatic composite material

ActiveCN102061050AComprehensive performance impactWith light colorMasterbatchProcedure Agents
The invention belongs to the field of preparation of macromolecular composite materials and particularly relates to an all-weather persistent antistatic master batch capable of being subjected to thermoplastic processing and an antistatic composite material. The antistatic master batch is prepared by forming of a low-dissociation-energy compounding agent, a processing auxiliary agent and thermoplastic macromolecular resin containing polar groups through macromolecular thermoplastic processing equipment at the temperature of 25-300 DEG C; and the mass ratio of the compounding agent to the thermoplastic macromolecular resin is equal to (1:10)-(1:50). The invention also discloses the antistatic composite material which is obtained after the persistent antistatic master batch and a macromolecular base material are formed through the thermoplastic processing equipment. The antistatic composite material has the characteristics that: 1. the antistatic composite material has light color and dyeability; 2. The master batch of the antistatic composite material and the compounding agent are wider in selection range, low in cost and easy to obtain, and the production process is simple, safe and non-hazardous; and 3. the influence of the ambient environment on the antistatic performance of the antistatic composite material is less, and the antistatic performance is persistent.
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