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Full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment and processing method thereof

The invention relates to the field of production machining mechanical equipment and discloses full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment. A material slot of a feeding device of the full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment is provided with a shifting mechanism consisting of a shifting fork and a shifting rod. The end of the shifting mechanism, which corresponds to a rear baffle plate of the feeding device, is provided with a leveling mechanism. A feeding bracket at the side of an unloading mechanism, which is correspondingly connected with a tube cutting device, is provided with a clamping mechanism. A lower roller and a side roller which are connected are arranged in the unloading mechanism. A split clamp of the tube cutting device is arranged on a tube cutting bracket through a trapezoid block. A recovery device consists of a recovery mechanism and a return mechanism, wherein the recovery mechanism is arranged at one side of the split clamp in a leveling mode; and the return mechanism is arranged on a recovery bracket at the rear end of the recovery mechanism. A brush wheel is arranged in the return mechanism. A machining method of the equipment comprises the steps of adding, aligning, feeding, cutting and receiving. The full-automatic feeding, cutting and receiving equipment is smooth to feed materials and is clear to separate the materials, so that resource waste is avoided, the machining procedures of the engineering are reduced, the cutting quality is improved, both manpower and material resources are saved and the production efficiency is improved.

Power type lithium battery full-automatic production line and production technology thereof

The invention relates to a power type lithium battery full-automatic production line and a production technology thereof. The power type lithium battery full-automatic production line mainly consists of a pole piece manufacturing unit, a battery assembling unit, a battery liquid injecting unit and a factory processing unit; each unit key equipment electrical control system is composed of a PLC, an industrial personal computer, a hydraulic and pneumatic component; the PLC controls each mechanism of the equipment to act in a coordinated manner; and the industrial personal computer collects data to realize the function that the data of the whole line can be stored, read and the like. The main effects lie in that mutual matching of production efficiency of each unit is realized through key debugging for production parameters, a conveyor is adopted in an intermediate link, and full automation of production process is finally realized; the production line is compatible with multi-standard battery production requirements, the production when the product is remodeled can be realized just by adjusting the equipment parameters and replacing partial work fixtures, and order form-based production requirement of the product is met; key equipment and technology on the line are independently researched and developed, the operation is reliable and stable, and the production line has higher cost performance.

Oil seal spring full-automatic sorting system and method based on image detection method

The invention belongs to the image test technology and image processing technical field and relates to an oil seal spring full-automatic sorting system. The system comprises a glass turntable, a collecting and processing component and a sorting component, wherein the collecting and processing component contains a camera with a zoom lens, an LED backlight and a computer; the camera is used to collect the image of an oil seal spring to be detected in a collection area and send the image to the computer; the computer processes and analyzes the collected image of the oil seal spring to obtain the characteristic quantity data and detect judgment of the spring, generate a product sorting signal according to the characteristic quantity data and the detect judgment, and send the sorting signal to the PLC controller; the sorting component comprises the PLC controller, a sub-quality product picking mechanism, a sub-quality product container and the like; and the picking mechanism picks the sub-quality products in a picking area under the control of the PLC controller. The invention also provides a sorting method using the sorting system. The system and method of the invention are simple and efficient, thus the characteristic detection and defect evaluation of the oil seal spring are easy to realize.

Deep learning intelligent constellation diagram analysis method based on convolutional neural network

The invention discloses a deep learning intelligent constellation diagram analysis method based on a convolutional neural network, and relates to the technical field of optical communication. According to the method, the performance analysis on a constellation diagram is performed by building and training a convolutional neural network module. The method comprises the following steps of acquiring a training data set of a constellation diagram; preprocessing the constellation diagram; training a CNN module for feature extraction; inputting the to-be-analyzed and preprocessed constellation diagram into the well trained CNN module for pattern recognition and performance analysis; and outputting an analysis result. According to the invention, the depth learning technology based on the convolutional neural network is applied to the constellation diagram analysis. In this way, the problem in the prior art that, the problem that original data cannot be directly processed and needs to be manually intervened during the traditional constellation diagram performance analysis can be solved. By using the CNN module, the intelligence and the automation of analysis of the original image information of the constellation diagram are achieved. As a result, the module can be used as a constellation diagram software processing and analyzing module of an oscilloscope and a constellation diagram analyzing module of the simulation software to be further embedded into a test instrument for intelligent signal analysis and performance monitoring.

Automatic packaging machine and method for optical fiber ceramic ferrule metal component

The invention relates to an automatic packaging machine for metal components in an optical fiber ceramic inserting core. The automatic packaging machine comprises a base, a graduated rotating disc and a clamping device mounted on the base, a workpiece positioning ring mounted on the graduated rotating disc, and a control device for controlling the matching action of the graduated rotating disc and the clamping device. The clamping device comprises a drive mechanism and a pressure head driven and pressed by the drive mechanism; a plurality of workpiece mounting positions are arranged on the circumference of the workpiece positioning ring; and the pressure head is positioned above the workpiece positioning ring. A metal workpiece is driven to the position of the clamping device by utilizing the graduated rotating disc through placing the metal workpiece required to be assembled on the graduated rotating disc; and then the assembly of the metal components in the ceramic inserting core is completed through pressing the pressure head, so that the assembly automation is achieved and the work efficiency is improved. Moreover, the accuracy of assembling the components is ensured due to stable downward pressure of the pressure head, so that the rate of finished products is improved greatly. In addition, the components after being assembled can be automatically taken down from the graduated rotating disc through a blanking device, so that the work efficiency is further improved.

Parking-lot-vehicle cooperative intelligent parking system and method based on centralized vision

The invention relates to a parking-lot-vehicle cooperative intelligent parking system and method based on centralized vision. The system comprises a parking lot service center, an intelligent vehicle onboard device and a user mobile terminal. The parking lot service center includes a visual sensor group, a vehicle tracking module, a path planning module, a data management module and a communication module. The observation range of the visual sensor group covers all the traffic areas in a parking lot. The vehicle tracking module fuses the images collected by the visual sensor group and detects the position and the attitude of a vehicle target in the traffic area. The path planning module plans a driving route according to the current position and the attitude of the vehicle and parking stalls. The onboard device includes a communication module and a vehicle control module. The vehicle control module receives the path planned by the service center and controls the vehicle to automatically drive to the end along the path. The user mobile terminal is used to issue the request information for entering/leaving the parking lot to the parking lot service center. The parking-lot-vehicle cooperative intelligent parking system and method realize automation and intellectualization of going into or out of the parking lot.

Data exchange method and mobile terminal of electronic business card system and cloud server

The invention relates to a data exchange method and a mobile terminal of an electronic business card system and a cloud server. The system comprises a cloud server layer and the mobile terminal with an information exchange unit, and the method includes two parts, i.e. a business card exchange and saving process and a business card content updating process. The business card exchange and saving process includes the following steps: the mobile terminal is configured, business card information is exchanged, the mobile terminal saves and sends the business card information to the cloud server, and data are updated by the cloud server. The business card content updating process includes the following steps: by means of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol), WEB or mobile terminal application operation, a user sends a request for updating the personal electronic business card information of the user, the cloud server updates the local personal electronic business card information of the user after verifying the request, the cloud server sends a content updating notice to the mobile terminal of a recorded exchange object according to the record of the electronic business card exchange object, and the mobile terminal receiving the updating notice feeds back an operation result to the cloud server. The invention ensures that the exchange of electronic business cards becomes simple and rapid and that the multi-point real-time synchronous updating of electronic business card information becomes possible.

Talent recruitment interview method and system

The invention relates to a talent recruitment interview method and system. The method comprises steps: the holographic professional competence portrait of a candidate is acquired, wherein the holographic professional competence portrait comprises multiple tags and the professional competence value; the position model of an employer is acquired, wherein the position model is generated according toposition requirements provided by the employer, and the position model comprises multiple tags and the ideal values; and the holographic professional competence portrait and the position model are matched to determine whether the candidate is suitable for the position, and a person-position matching report is outputted. According to the method and the system provided in the invention, three dimensions of a talent, a position and a question are integrated through a set of tags, mass calculation is completed based on the tags, automation of a full process of interview, talent evaluation, person-position matching and talent recommendation is realized, recruitment and interview of all employers are more efficient and more accurate, and during the process, special attention is paid to the individualized needs of an organization, and multiple matching among person-profession, person-position and person-organization is thus realized.

Robot for cleaning inner wall of barrel

InactiveCN101776418ARealize automatic scrubbingImplement positional scrubbingHollow article cleaningWeapon cleaningComputer moduleEngineering
The invention discloses a robot for cleaning the inner wall of a barrel, which comprises a cleaning module and a driving module which realize relative telescopic movement through a thread transmission mechanism. The cleaning module comprises a front outer shell, a sliding plate, a front stepping motor, a front combined driving mechanism and a cleaning brush, wherein the cleaning brush is arrangedon an output shaft of the front combined driving mechanism; the front combined driving mechanism is connected with the sliding plate, in which central inner threads are processed, by the front outer shell; and the front stepping motor is arranged in the front outer shell and is used for driving the front combined driving mechanism. A back combined driving mechanism in the driving module is connected with a motor fixing plate by a back outer shell; a back stepping motor and a mobile stepping motor are arranged in the back outer shell; the back stepping motor is fixed on the back combined driving mechanism and drives the back combined driving mechanism to move; the mobile stepping motor is fixed on the motor fixing plate; an output screw shaft is fit with the central inner threads of the sliding plate in the cleaning module. The robot has simple structure, small volume, light weight and convenient installation.

Forming method of thin-wall nut

The invention discloses a forming method of a thin-wall nut. The forming method comprises the following steps: (1) treatment of raw materials, namely aligning wires used as the raw materials by virtue of a cold upsetting machine, conveying the aligned wires to a material cutting mechanism and cutting the wires into small sections of wire blanks; (2) primary upsettig, namely putting the small sections of wire blanks into a female die, performing end surface reshaping on the wire blanks by virtue of a reshaping punch and the female die, so as to obtain a cylinder and frustum combination body; (3) pre-upsetting, namely overturning the blank subjected to primary upsetting so as to enter into a cavity of the female die, and reshaping the blank as a mushroom shape; (3) semi fine supsetting, namely forming a tray part by use of a semi fine upsetting die and forming pre-upset holes; (5) fine upsetting, namely deepening the hole by virtue of a fine upsetting die; (6) punching; (7) threading. According to the forming method disclosed by the invention, a wire upsetting process is used for replacing a sheet material deep-drawing process, area deformation is replaced by volume deformation, and various problems such as drawing breakage and wrinkling caused by area formation in the deep-drawing process can be effectively avoided.

Multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) centralized control system

ActiveCN105278379AFully automatedMeet the needs of on-site production operationsProgramme control in sequence/logic controllersControl systemLocation tracking
The invention discloses a multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) centralized control system. The control system includes a train operation adjustment plan receiving unit, a train plan adjustment unit, a shunting suggestion plan making unit, a shunting plan adjustment unit, a plan correlation unit, a route command scheme selection unit, a control command issue unit, a plan conflict adjustment unit, a plane execution feedback unit and a multiple-unit train location tracking unit and a multiple-unit train identification unit. With the multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) centralized control system of the invention adopted, scheduling personnel of a multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) and a multiple-unit train maintenance unit can perform centralized control on signal equipment in the maintenance base and unit, directly command and manage trains and shunting operation, and automation of a scheduling process of the multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) and the multiple-unit train maintenance unit can be realized. The multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) centralized control system is a key link for realizing management and control integration of the multiple-unit train maintenance base (station) and the multiple-unit train maintenance unit, and can fully meet on-site production operation needs and can assist in improving production efficiency and work quality.

Bulk cargo automatic ship-unloading system and method thereof

InactiveCN101112961ARealize continuous automatic unloading functionFully automatedLoading/unloadingLoad-engaging elementsBulk cargoEmbedded system
The invention discloses a bulk automation boat discharging system, which is characterized in that a main control unit is connected with an object position scanning unit; the main control unit is connected with an exchanger; the object position scanning unit is connected with the exchanger which is connected with a crane maintenance and monitoring unit. In the invention, the object position scanning unit automatically scans the boat cabin and implements the automatic detection of the boat cabin position and the distribution of the material; the main control unit automatically produces the optimized boat discharging path according to the detection result and controls and executes the drive control of all mechanism motors of the boat discharging machine by a plurality of transmission units. A cab controlling platform and a central monitoring chamber are connected with the main control unit, can interrupt the automatic boat discharging process according to the actual situations, and interfaces and adjusts the devices. The invention has the advantages of implementing the continuous automatic boat discharging function of the whole cabin, improving the operation efficiency, ensuring the safety performance, and reaching the purpose of implementing full automation of the buck dock.
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