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Medical appliance carrying apparatus

The invention discloses a medical appliance carrying apparatus which comprises a working table. A vertical slide rail is arranged on one side of the upper surface of the working table; an electric trolley is arranged on the vertical slide rail and provided with a mount on the upper surface; a circular groove is formed in the center of the upper surface of the mount; a rotating motor with an upward rotating end is arranged in the circular groove; the rotating end of the rotating motor is provided with a circular supporting plate matched with the circular groove; a first installation box is arranged on the upper surface of the circular supporting plate; a controller is arranged on the front surface of the working table; a mains supply interface is arranged on the back surface of the working table; a power terminal of the controller is connected with a mains supply interface via a conductor wire; an output end of the controller is connected with the electric trolley, the rotating motor, a hydraulic cylinder, an electric pusher and a micro linear motor via conductor wires respectively. The medical appliance carrying apparatus has the advantages of high carrying capacity, high carrying speed, capability of liberating manpower and improving work efficiency, small size, and high movability.

Moving crank mechanism

A moving crank mechanism that is particularly adapted for use in a conveyor system. A moving crank remains in a substantially parallel position with respect to a fixed reference plane as the crank member is driven by its offset opposed ends along an endless loop. The closed loop vertical lift unit is adapted for use in an automated high-speed storage system. The vertical lift unit is adapted to be used as a primary storage location or as a lift for carrying objects in transit between levels in a storage system. The vertical lift unit includes a plurality of crank members with generally rigidly mounted shelves that are adapted to carry objects continuously and indefinitely as the shelves travel through a vertically oriented closed path. While traveling along the vertically oriented closed path the shelves remain parallel to a fixed horizontal plane so objects can be carried on the shelves while the shelves transition between the up and down reaches of the vertical lift mechanism. The opposed ends of the crank member are journaled in carriage members that are mounted to carry the respective ends of the crank member around the closed loop. The respective ends are carried around the closed loop at about the same rate. The closed loops are offset from one another by the amount of the crank offset. Shelf stabilizing mechanisms can also be employed.

IC full-automatic method for testing brede and full-automatic holding tray type machine for testing brede

The invention discloses an IC automatic detecting braiding method and an automatic pallet type detecting braiding machine, comprising a pallet-transport device, a braiding packing device, a waste materials collecting device. A PC control system and an electrical control system as well as a pallet-separate device are arranged on the front end of the pallet transport device and an empty pallet-collect device is arranged on the back end. The braiding lead direction of the braiding packing device is vertical to the pallet-transport direction of the pallet-transport device. A face side scan device and a back side device for detecting IC as well as a catch-and-put device for catching IC from the pallet are orderly arranged in the transportation range of the pallet-transport device. The catch-and-put device is electrically connected with the PC control system and the electrical control system and is a classification catch-and-put device which can classify the ICs according to the detecting results of the face side scan device and the back side device and then send the eligible ICs to the braiding packing device and the unqualified ICs to the waste materials collecting device. The braiding machine has the advantages of good accuracy and reliability for scanning and detecting, rapid speed for braiding and packing, low composite cost and high production efficiency.
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