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Automated system for aggregated price discovery and electronic trading of linked cash/cash equivalent and their derivative asset packages

An electronic system for aggregated pricing of linked multi-leg (e.g., equity/option and option/option) asset packages with an additional link to an automated broker system for trading the linked asset packages are disclosed. The invention provides methodology and apparatus to electronically produce aggregated price quotes for packages of instruments designed to represent traditional trading strategies involving cash and their derivatives (e.g., stock and equity options). The system develops packages according to specified strategies, and prices the packages based on the national best bid and offer (NBBO) or direct input from participating market makers and investors. The packages are designed for easy understanding by traditional investors and designed for trading through a single order. These packages are desirable over separately trading the asset and its derivative (e.g., equity and option) instruments because they transfer market volatility risk from the investor to the institution by requiring market makers to agree to the aggregated price of the package prior to executing any trades. Certain linked packages, such as most stocks and options, cannot be traded together on a single floor of an exchange due to restrictions by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding side-by-side trading and integrated market making of most stocks and options. This invention provides an electronic process for synthetic side-by-side trading across separate trading locations (e.g., equity and option exchanges and within the existing rules of the SEC). The electronic process follows traditional rules regarding the manual handling of combination orders involving multiple asset types. The process significantly improves efficiency over manual handling resulting in a system that is scalable to high trade volumes.

Wearable handling assistor

The invention provides a wearable handling assistor and belongs to the technical field of mechanical design. Leg assemblies are arranged on the two sides of a waist bent rod, and thigh inner rods of the leg assemblies are connected to the waist bent rod through revolute pairs; suspension belt and ratchet mechanisms are arranged on the two sides of the top of a back bearing plate, ratchet wheels of the suspension belt and ratchet mechanisms are arranged coaxial with coiled springs and are fixed to shafts through key grooves, suspension belt shafts are fixed and wind around the shafts, one ends of the coiled springs wind around the shafts, the other ends of the coiled springs are fixed to racks, one ends of pawl springs are fixed to the racks, the other ends of the pawl springs are connected to pawls, and the tail ends of the pawls are connected to pull wires controlling the pawls to be retracted or released; a connecting rod with a spherical hinge is provided with a ring groove, a back connecting plate is connected to the connecting rod with the spherical hinge through a revolute pair, springs on the two sides are fixed to the back connecting plate and the waist bent rod, a middle spring is fixed to the back connecting plate and the waist bent rod, and the connecting rod with the spherical hinge is connected to the waist bent rod through a spherical pair. The wearable handling assistor is mainly used for assisting in manual handling.

Flexible automatic production system for combined firework

The invention relates to a flexible automatic production system for combined fireworks, which comprises an automatic tube rolling machine, a conveyer, a mud filling machine, a cake assembling and fuse inserting machine, a wrapping machine and a manipulator. The system is characterized in that firstly tubes are rolled through the automatic tube rolling machine and are stored in a tube storage basket, the tubes are fed to the mud filing machine for mud filling, cake assembling and fuse inserting after the tubes are dried, then the tubes are wrapped and reinforced by the wrapping machine, the tubes are righted and fed to the inlet port of the manipulator, propelling charges, effect part tubes, a first paper layer and a second paper layer are sequentially filled into the tubes after cake assembling, face paper and labels are stuck, products are boxed and sealed by a boxing and sealing machine and then the finished products are conveyed by the conveyer to a finished product warehouse; and materials among equipment of the entire system are conveyed by adopting the conveyer, and the loading position and the unloading position of each equipment are provided with photoelectrical conversion switches which are used for controlling the startup and the shutdown of the conveyer. Since the materials in the system are conveyed by the conveyer and the startup and shutdown of the conveyer are controlled by the photoelectric conversion switches, the materials are accurately conveyed in time, the product quality and the production efficiency are guaranteed, and the defects that manual handling in the past is time-consuming and labor-consuming and safety accidents are apt to occur are avoided.

Management method based on two-dimensional power distribution network device

The invention discloses a management method based on a two-dimensional power distribution network device. The method comprises the following steps: establishing a power distribution network device management platform; deploying a database on a server; transplanting the database to an intelligent terminal; inquiring, displaying, adding, altering or deleting the information of the electric power device by the intelligent terminal. According to the invention, the manual handling mode for the data at present is replaced; a mainstream intelligent terminal, namely, a mobile phone, is adopted for reading the two-dimensional code, so as to realize the inquiry and maintenance for the data of the electric power device; according to the invention, the transplanting of the background database and the mobile phone preposition database is realized; the intelligent terminal, namely, the mobile phone, is adopted for reading the two-dimensional code, so that the related information of the device is displayed in real time; the information of the field device is updated through the intelligent terminal, namely, the mobile phone; the database is synchronously updated; the field look-up, maintenance and updating are convenient; the efficiency is increased; the labor intensity is reduced.

Automatic bottle cap separation machine for plastic bottles

ActiveCN105922476APrevent popupRebound automaticPlastic recyclingDrive shaftEngineering
The invention relates to the technical field of classification treatment of plastic bottle materials, in particular to an automatic bottle cap separation machine for plastic bottles. The automatic bottle cap separation machine comprises a rack, a machine box, a direct-current drive motor, a driving intermittent gear, a driven intermittent gear, a center transmission shaft, a rotary disc, rotary arms, locating front concave plates, locating rear concave plates, springs, locking devices, a cam, a variable-speed motor, a spiral cutter, a claw-shaped bent hook, an arc-shaped sliding groove, an arc-shaped baffle, an arc-shaped pressing plate and the like. The combination manner of manual feeding and mechanical automatic machining is adopted for production, so that locating clamping, cutting, bottle cap and bottle mark separation, automatic recycling and a series of actions on the plastic bottles can be completed through the mechanical device. The automatic bottle cap separation machine is mainly used for regions with large population density and mobility such as shopping malls, supermarkets and schools; consumed empty bottles are directly put into the machine, the machine is started and conducts automatic machining, the machined bottle marks, bottle caps and bottle bodies automatically fall into corresponding collection boxes on the lower portion, no specially-assigned person is needed for operation, and manual handling is conducted after the collection boxes are full.
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