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Food processing machine with electric sucking pump and method for vacuumizing to produce foodstuff liquid

The invention relates to a food processing machine with an electric sucking pump and a method for vacuumizing to produce foodstuff liquid. The food processing machine comprises a crushing cutter device, a machine head or a machine base, a motor, a barrel and a control circuit board, wherein the barrel is provided with a sealing device, has or does not have a heating device. An electric sucking pump is arranged on the machine head, the machine base, the sealing device, the barrel or a barrel handle of the food processing machine, the sucking port of the electric sucking pump is positioned in the barrel and above the foodstuff liquid level, the exhaust port of the electric sucking pump is communicated with the outer part of the barrel; and the electric power source of the electric sucking pump is an independent motor, an electromagnetic vibration device, a piezoelectric ceramic vibration device or the crushing cutter device of the food processing machine. A sealing mode is adopted to seal the barrel of the food processing machine, the electric sucking pump is used to pump air out of the barrel, then crushing and heating are carried out to crush and heat the foodstuff in the barrel of the food processing machine under the vacuum condition, the oxidation of the foodstuff liquid is greatly reduced and avoided for the crushing and heating processes, so the nutritive loss is reduced, and the good taste and appearance color are kept.

Axial door operator

The present application discloses an axial operator that is configured for use with a door assembly. The axial operator comprises a rotatable operator output member that rotates about an operator axis, the operator output member being constructed and arranged to be operatively connected within the door assembly such that the operator output axis extends generally vertically. An electric motor has a rotatable motor output member that rotates about the operator axis. The motor is constructed and arranged to selectively rotate the motor output member about the operator axis. A reduction transmission is connected between the motor output member and the operator output member. The reduction transmission is constructed and arranged such that the transmission rotates the operator output member at a lower rotational speed than a rotational speed at which the motor rotates the motor output member and applies a higher torque to the operator output member than a torque which the motor applies to the motor output member. The reduction transmission comprises (a) an orbit gear, (b) a planet gear carrier, and (c) a planet gear. The motor is adapted to be communicated to a controller so as to receive a door moving signal therefrom and being further adapted to selectively rotate the motor output member in response to receiving the door moving signal to thereby rotate the operator output member so as to move the door panel with respect to the doorway as aforesaid.

Small-scale mill and method thereof

A small-scale or micro media-mill and a method of milling materials or products, especially pharmaceutical products, use a dispersion containing attrition milling media and the product to be milled. The milling media can be polymeric, formed of polystyrene or cross-linked polystyrene, having a nominal diameter of no greater than 500 microns. Other sizes include 200 microns and 50 microns and a mixture of these sizes. The mill has a relatively small vessel having an opening, an agitator, a coupling and a motor. The agitator can have a rotor and a shaft extending therefrom. The rotor can be cylindrical or have other configurations, and can have tapered end surfaces. The coupling can close the vessel opening, or attaching the coupling to the motor can close the opening. The coupling has an opening through which the rotor shaft extends into the motor. A sealing mechanism, such as a mechanical or lip seals the shaft while permitting the rotor shaft to rotate. The vessel can contain one or more ports for circulating the dispersion, where milling can be made in batches or recirculated through the milling chamber. The media can be retained in the vessel or recirculated along with the process fluid. The rotor is dimensioned so that its outer periphery is spaced with a small gap from an inner surface of the vessel. The vessel also can have a way of cooling the dispersion.

Intelligent running machine

The invention relates to the field of exercise equipment, in particular to an intelligent running machine. The intelligent running machine comprises a running machine body, a tablet personal computer which is arranged on the running machine body, a flexible array pressure sensor which is arranged on the running machine body, a control module which is arranged on the tablet personal computer, a data acquisition module and a motor drive module. An internet function is integrated in the control module of the running machine, and each running machine uploads a relationship model and a training program which are established according to individual characteristics through network to a server for storage so as to realize identity authentication. Multiple kinds of training modes and virtual scenes are integrated in the control module; the training program which meets an exerciser is customized in a personalized way; foot pressure distribution information of the exerciser, which is detected bythe flexible array pressure sensor, and the real-time heart rate which is sent by a heart rate monitoring module are received in real time; running speed, gradient and the like can be adjusted automatically; safety of the exerciser can be guaranteed; and training modes can be enriched and training efficiency can be improved.
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