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In electronics, a driver is a circuit or component used to control another circuit or component, such as a high-power transistor, liquid crystal display (LCD), and numerous others. They are usually used to regulate current flowing through a circuit or to control other factors such as other components, some devices in the circuit. The term is often used, for example, for a specialized integrated circuit that controls high-power switches in switched-mode power converters. An amplifier can also be considered a driver for loudspeakers, or a voltage regulator that keeps an attached component operating within a broad range of input voltages.

Frequency modulation type wirelss power supply and charger system

A frequency modulation type wireless power supply and charger system includes a power supply base unit consisting of a first microprocessor, a power circuit, a power switch driver circuit, a first resonant circuit, a first coil, a detection module and a power input interface, and a wireless power supply and charge receiver unit consisting of a secondary coil, a second resonant circuit, a rectifier filter circuit, a detection and protection module, a second microprocessor, a temperature sensor, a charging module and a power output interface and adapted for receiving electrical power from the power supply base unit wirelessly for charging an external electronic device. The detection and protection module of the wireless power supply and charge receiver unit detects the supply of the electrical power, and the second microprocessor sends a feedback signal to the power supply base unit through the signal generator circuit and the second resonant circuit subject to the detection of the detection and protection module for enabling the power supply base unit to control the power switch driver circuit to regulate its output power automatically, thereby minimizing power transmission loss and the load of the internal components of the wireless power supply and charge receiver unit.

EL display device and electric device

An electroluminescence display device has a plurality of electroluminescence elements and a driver circuit formed over a substrate. At least a part of the driver circuit is disposed in a display portion of a substrate in order that the size of the display device can be reduced.

Synchronized vibration device for haptic feedback

The present invention relates to synchronized vibration devices that can provide haptic feedback to a user. A wide variety of actuator types may be employed to provide synchronized vibration, including linear actuators, rotary actuators, rotating eccentric mass actuators, and rocking mass actuators. A controller may send signals to one or more driver circuits for directing operation of the actuators. The controller may provide direction and amplitude control, vibration control, and frequency control to direct the haptic experience. Parameters such as frequency, phase, amplitude, duration, and direction can be programmed or input as different patterns suitable for use in gaming, virtual reality and real-world situations.
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