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Power tools

Power tool (11) may include a motor and oil pulse unit (22) that generates an elevated torque. Oil pulse unit (22) may be coupled to the motor and have output shaft (18). When load acting on output shaft (18) is less than a predetermined value, rotating torque generated by the motor is directly transmitted to output shaft (18). When the load acting on output shaft (22) exceeds the predetermined value, an elevated torque is generated by oil pulse unit (22) and applied to output shaft (18). Output shaft (18) may be connected to load shaft (12). A socket may be attached to the distal end of load shaft (12). Power tool (11) may further include detecting device (20) for detecting change in rotational angle of output shaft (18) and the direction of rotation thereof, and a control device. The detecting device (20) may output signals corresponding to a state of output shaft (18) to the control device. The control device may store the state of output shaft (18) at predetermined interval. Preferably, the control device may further determine a generating time, at which oil pulse unit (22) generates the elevated torque, based upon the state of output shaft (18).

Less invasive surgical system and methods

A system for performing a less invasive surgical procedure and, in particular, devices and methods for spinal fixation. The system comprises dilation tool(s), at least one working / insertion cannula, a plurality of screws, at least one fixation rod for connecting the screws, and a rod inserter. The dilation tool(s) may be used to dilate an incision made in a patient to form an opening. Thereafter, a drill may be used to form holes in the vertebrae. An insertion cannula may be attached to a screw and inserted into the opening. The screws may be polyaxial screws and may be inserted into the vertebrae using a screwdriver. An operator may then move the insertion cannula to manipulate a head portions of the screws such that the head portions may be aligned to receive a fixation rod. A rod inserter may be used to insert a fixation rod into the head portions. After the fixation rod is in place, it may be locked to the screws, thereby fixing the system in place on the spine.

Hinged socket wrench speed handle

A hinged socket wrench having an offset shank (20) with a first end (22) and a second end (24). Attached to the first end (22) is a clevis (28) which receives a 180-degree drive head held by a hinge pin (40). The drive head consists of either a square drive head (30) or a ratchet drive head (31). To the second end is attached a rotatable handle (58), which rotates the wrench upon reciprocation of the handle (58). A second embodiment of the hinged socket wrench includes a second clevis (28) that is added to the second end (24) of the offset shank. The second clevis (28) adds further combinations of angular displacement of the handle (58). Thus, increasing the value of the wrench as a tool and also its productivenss in difficult work areas. Five configurations of the hinge pin (40) provide additional surface interface with both the hinge pin and the handle yoke improving the structural integrity and prolonging tool life.
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