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Horizontal well hydraulic directional spraying gun

The invention relates to the technical field of oil and gas well production increase and fracturing operation, in particular to a horizontal well hydraulic directional spraying gun. The horizontal well hydraulic directional spraying gun comprises a directional split tooth cylinder, an enveloping line sleeve, a directional steel ball, thrust bearings and nozzles. The directional split tooth cylinder and an upper connector form an annular space, a reset spring is arranged in the annular space, the right end of the upper connector is connected with an upper housing, the enveloping line sleeve issleeved with the interior of the upper housing, a central rod penetrates through the interior of the enveloping line sleeve to be connected to an internal thread at the right end of the directional split tooth cylinder, and a closed space is defined by the upper housing, the directional split cylinder and the enveloping line sleeve; the directional steel ball is placed in the closed space, the right end of the upper housing is in threaded connection with a connecting sleeve, the thrust bearings are symmetrically disposed at both ends of the connecting sleeve, and the right end of the enveloping line sleeve is connected with a spraying gun casing. Forced orientation of the spraying gun casing can be achieved by a hydraulic driving mode, the orientation success rate is high, tools can be reused after maintenance and protection, and the cost is low.

Capacitance-type built-in touch screen, driving method thereof and display device

The invention discloses a capacitance-type built-in touch screen, a driving method thereof and a display device. A touch induction electrode is arranged on a colorful film substrate; a whole-surface connection public electrode layer in a TFT (thin film transistor) array substrate is divided into strips to be used as touch driving electrodes; touch driving signal lines are arranged in a display area by a double-gate structure, thereby being favorable for the narrow frame design of the touch screen relative to that the touch driving signal lines are arranged in the non-display area of the touch screen; at least one touch driving signal line is electrically connected with one touch driving electrode; and multiple touch driving signal lines simultaneously provide a driving electric signal to one touch driving electrode so as to furthest improve the transmission efficiency of the driving electric signal and reduce the time delay of the driving electric signal. In addition, because the touch stage and the display stage adopt a time-sharing driving mode, a display driving chip and a touch driving chip can be integrated into a whole, and the production cost is lowered. According to the time-sharing driving, mutual interference between display and touch can be lowered, and the picture quality and the touch accuracy can be improved.
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