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Full-automatic parking method and system

ActiveCN107776570AAvoid situations where you cannot open the door and get out of the carImprove user experienceParticular environment based servicesIndication of parksing free spacesParking spaceReal-time computing
The invention discloses a full-automatic parking method and system. The full-automatic parking method comprises the steps of receiving a starting instruction sent by a user, and activating the full-automatic parking system according to the starting instruction; controlling a vehicle to move forwards automatically, searching for whether or not available parking spaces exist on the two sides of thevehicle in the advancing process, and when available parking spaces exist, recognizing basic information of the target parking space; according to the basic information of the recognized target parking space, performing parking path planning, and obtaining the parking initial point and the parking path from the parking initial point to the parking end point; controlling the vehicle to automatically move forward to the parking initial point; controlling the vehicle to be automatically parked according to the planned parking path, and parking the vehicle into the parking space. According to thefull-automatic parking method and system, the vehicle automatically runs forwards, the idle parking space is searched for and recognized, the vehicle is automatically parked into the parking space, noartificial participation is needed in the whole parking space searching and parking process, and full-automatic parking can be achieved.
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