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Enterprise resource planning system with integrated vehicle diagnostic and information system

An enterprise-resource planning (ERP) system in which information processing and data management may be integrated or otherwise combined with a vehicle-diagnostic-and-information system is provided. The ERP system includes a first device for obtaining vehicle characteristic information from a vehicle, and a second device for integrating the vehicle characteristic information into an information management system. The first device is adapted to send the vehicle characteristic information over a communication link. The second device is adapted to receive from the first device over the communication link the vehicle characteristic information. When the second device integrates the vehicle diagnostic information into the information management system, the first and second devices are operable to function as the ERP system.

Vehicle data recorder

A self-contained device for capturing video imagery in response to a triggering event may include a mirror and be mounted to a vehicle windshield in place of a conventional rear-view mirror. The device includes a housing in which the electronics and related elements of the invention are contained. These elements include one or more data sensors, at least one of which is an image sensor,. Also included are a data sensor circuit and a capture circuit. The data sensor circuit responds to the triggering event, and may include data sensors coupled to vehicle systems such as a speedometer, tachometer, brake, turn signals or the like, or other data sensors such as an accelerometer or a vehicle position sensor. The triggering event may be, for example, a sudden change in acceleration indicative of an impending collision, or it may be a change in the signal provided by any such data sensor, including the image sensor. The capture circuit is coupled to the image sensor and captures a signal representing the video imagery by recording it in a digital memory, by transmitting it to a remote location, or by other suitable means. The capture circuit terminates capture of the signal in response to the data sensor circuit sensing a triggering event. The captured data thus describe circumstances leading up to the time of the triggering event. The data can be analyzed to help police, insurance or other investigative personnel understand those circumstances.

Location Based Vehicle Data Logging and Diagnostic System and Method

A data logging unit configured for installation in a hybrid vehicle communicates with a user device configured to receive data from the data logging unit and to display selected portions of the data to a user for identification of potential vehicle faults associated with vehicle events reported by the vehicle's driver. The data logging unit has a data logger which communicates with hybrid drive system and other vehicle components to receive hybrid drive system data, and with a vehicle position sensor which detects location to receive vehicle location data. A data log processing module correlates location data with the corresponding vehicle data, and creates a correlated log of drive system data and associated vehicle location information, to allow identification of vehicle data within an event window based on vehicle location at the time of a reported event. Accordingly, a user may make a geographical request and the system will report vehicle data corresponding to the geographical request.
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